Mouth That Roars

Bill Liblick has made a name for himself of National TV Talk Shows where he spouted his outspoken views from the front row. Now he offers you his opinion every week in the "MOUTH THAT ROARS" Column in the Sullivan County Post.

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November 27th, 2019

A Time for Thanksgiving 2019

Thanksgiving has always been a time when we try to make lives better and reflect on all we should to be thankful for.

We must all be thankful that we live in the United States of America – The land of the free and the home […]

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November 7th, 2019

Honoring Our Veterans Sullivan County Style

A few days ago we had the opportunity to express our freedom of democracy by voting. This weekend let’s take time to honor and pay tribute to all those brave men and woman who fought long hard to give us that very freedom of democracy.

If […]

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November 3rd, 2019


One of the most important elections in Sullivan County history will take place on Tuesday as Sullivan County voters elect a new County Court Judge, County Clerk, a new legislature, town supervisors, as well as council members, and other positions including village trustees in Woodridge where there is […]

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October 18th, 2019

Legislators Don’t Give a Rat’s Ass About Us – Approval of $4.5 Million Visitor’s Center is Proof

With Election Day just two weeks away from Tuesday – It is clear our legislators don’t give a rat’s ass about the taxpayers of Sullivan County.

They should be ashamed of themselves on their vote for purchasing property that is partly a swamp land and voting […]

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September 11th, 2019

We Can Never Forget – Remembering 911

There are certain moments in life we can never forget – Today marks one of the most somber and devastating times in our nation’s history of what has simply become known as 911.

Everyone remembers where they were and what they were doing at the time […]

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