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Bill Liblick has made a name for himself of National TV Talk Shows where he spouted his outspoken views from the front row. Now he offers you his opinion every week in the "MOUTH THAT ROARS" Column in the Sullivan County Post.

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January 2nd, 2022

An Open Plea to Legislators: Do Not Re-elect Robert Doherty Chair

The hold Robert Doherty has on several legislators must cease.

It will be a sad day for Sullivan County if Robert Doherty is reelected chair of the Sullivan County Legislature on Tuesday.

This is an open plea to our legislators to please look elsewhere for the sake of human decency and respect to the position of chair.

Alan Sorensen, our most senior member of the legislature has been there for the majority of former past chairs. He must know in his heart of hearts that Robert Doherty is not the right person for the position. Alan knows right from wrong and how to treat people with respect and honor. He should not expect or want anything else from our chair going forward.

Prior to being elected to the legislature Sorensen ran our Planning Department.  He is currently employed in Orange County as the head of their Planning Department. He knows how Sullivan County government operates both from both ends.  Please do the right thing for the people of Sullivan County.

Mike Brooks as an executive for the Center for Discovery you understand how government has a responsibility to take care of our most vulnerable population. If it were up to Robert Doherty the Adult Care Center would have been sold as well as our Certified Home Health Agency. Based on what you have witnessed during the past two years – Would you want Robert Doherty to be the chairman at the Center for Discovery? If the answer is no – Then how can he be the right person to chair our legislature?

Nick Salomone and George Conklin please look elsewhere for chair for the greater good and integrity of the Sullivan County Republican Party. At the end of the day, you will still have the same votes and control to get your agenda passed, but the face of the legislature will be calmer and less controversial. A Republican will still be chair.

Robert Doherty has proven time and time again why he is not the right person to lead the Sullivan County Legislature. He has overstepped his role of chair repeatedly acting as if he is our elected County Executive.

Our County Charter clearly lays out the responsibilities of legislators, the chair, and the role of the County Manager.

Without a doubt, Doherty’s behavior has proven why we need a County Executive and not someone controlled by several legislators to lead our government. But more about that on another day. The urgent matter facing us right now is who will lead our legislature during the next two years.

Doherty has made no attempt to bring legislators and the people of Sullivan County together. He does not treat his colleagues as if they are equal. They continually have not been included in the process.

Even more appalling is that he offers no remorse for his deplorable conduct towards legislators and those attending meetings. He has done nothing to indicate the next two years would be different.

Robert Doherty does not understand that running government is not the same as running a private business.

All legislators are equal.

Just this past week it was reported the Hatzalah Air contract was signed without all legislators seeing an advance copy or given the opportunity to ask and offer comments. This not about Hatzalah – this is about the process.

Yes, legislators approved a resolution in September, but in no way did the resolution spill out all the terms and conditions. The proper procedure should have involved the Public Works Committee.

Doherty, at the very least, makes it appear as if it is his personal deal with Hatzalah Air and he is delivering for them.

Just because Doherty spends a lot of time at the government center does not mean he is properly fulfilling the role of Chair.

Even though the chair earns more money, all legislators set policy. The County Manager is the person who runs County Government.

If you talk to Robert Doherty everyone in the Government Center loves him.

If you talk to Robert Doherty all the former Chairs of the Legislature did a terrible job.

Fact: Rusty Pomeroy, Leni Binder, Chris Cunningham, Jonathan Rouis, Scott Samuelson, and Luis Alvarez all had the ability to lead our legislature with respect and honor whether we agreed or disagreed with them on the issues.

Robert Doherty’s demeanor and temperament should outrage all legislators no matter their political affiliation.

All voters in Sullivan County are urged to contact our legislators and be heard. Call them and leave a message. We cannot have two more years of Robert Doherty as Chair. We all deserve better!

District 2
Nadia Rajsz (D) | Phone: 845-807-0442 

District 3
Michael Brooks (R) | Vice Chair | Phone: 845-807-0443

District 4
Nicholas Salomone Jr. (R) | Phone: 845- 807-0445

District 5
George Conklin III (R) | Phone: 845-807-0438

District 6
Luis Alvarez (D) | Phone: 845-807-0177

District 7
Joseph Perrello (R) | Phone: 845-807-0439

District 8
Ira M. Steingart (D) | Minority Leader  | Phone: 845-807-0440

District 9
Alan Sorensen (R) | Majority Leader | Phone: 845-807-0444 

Bill Liblick has made a name for himself of National TV Talk Shows where he spouted his outspoken views from the front row. Now he offers you his opinion in the “MOUTH THAT ROARS” Column in the Sullivan County Post


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