Mouth That Roars

Bill Liblick has made a name for himself of National TV Talk Shows where he spouted his outspoken views from the front row. Now he offers you his opinion every week in the "MOUTH THAT ROARS" Column in the Sullivan County Post.

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July 24th, 2014

DFS Whistleblower Speaks Out

Some of the disgusting and unethical behind the scenes operation of what we call Sullivan County Government exploded Thursday when a DFS Whitleblower addressed the Sullivan County legislature before an Executive Session.

The emergency executive session Thursday was called to rescind the resolution the legislature approved [...]

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July 18th, 2014

Behind Closed Doors

The majority of our legislators ran on a platform of open, honest, and transparent government, but sadly the reverse has been happening at 100 North Street.

Sullivan County Legislature Chairman Scott Samuelson is blatantly following in the footsteps of his predecessor Jonathan Rouis and is instead [...]

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July 11th, 2014

Do Tax Abatements Help Our Economy?

The hot topic in Sullivan County this summer is the casino issue, and underlying that discussion is the strategy we employ in the interest of economic development and business retention.

Many people I have been speaking with are angry that Casino developers in Sullivan County are [...]

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July 3rd, 2014

Celebrating Our Independence

Over the next few days BBQ’s will be running on overtime and fireworks will be lighting up our sky as we celebrate our Independence. Hopefully during these celebrations we will all take a moment to be thankful for the freedom our Constitution and Declaration of Independence grants us.


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June 27th, 2014

Explosive Lawsuits and Allegations at DFS

Sullivan County Legislator Cindy Gieger has been on mission to clean up welfare fraud and other abuse and neglect at the Department of Health and Family Services. Along with several of her colleagues they have made tremendous inroads, but while doing so they are finding resistance coming from [...]

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