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December 29th, 2021

Should Robert Doherty Be Re-Elected Chair of the Sullivan County Legislature?

Next Tuesday the Sullivan County Legislature will be holding their reorganizational meeting and a Chair will be elected for the next two years.

Legislators must do the right thing and not reelect Robert Doherty chair.

Robert Doherty may be a great person to have a beer with, shoot pool with, or even debate an issue with. But, to lead a legislature is another story.

This is not about politics or political parties. This is about leadership and ability to work with all our elected officials for the betterment of Sullivan County.

Doherty has proven to be an embarrassment to Sullivan County and has turned us into a laughingstock throughout New York State.

The morale at our Government Center has never been this low.

I have been actively involved since our first legislature. We have gone through many chairs, and while there may have been differences on issues, our elected officials ultimately worked together and always respected one another.

Robert Doherty has no respect for anyone.

While legislative meetings are entertaining to watch, he has demonstrated over and over during the past two years how he lacks leadership skills and human decency. We are in turmoil because of Robert Doherty.

Rusty Pomeroy, Leni Binder, Chris Cunningham, Jonathan Rouis, Scott Samuelson, and Luis Alvarez all had the ability to lead our legislature with respect and honor whether we agreed or disagreed with them on the issues.

Unlike Robert Doherty, they did not lie to the public. They did not take an ounce of the truth and twist it around to appear as if their actions were honorable.

Most importantly, they understood the County Charter and its Codes and knew the roles of a Chair and County Manager.

Our County Manager and County Attorneys know if they buck Doherty their jobs could be in jeopardy. Sadly, they are forced to honor his every wish and desire.

Robert Doherty is the perfect example as to why we need an elected County Executive who is accountable to the voters of Sullivan County.

Although in Doherty’s mind he thinks he has a mandate from the people of Sullivan County – He Does Not. Doherty was elected chair thanks to backroom dealings winning support of four other legislators.

The people in District 1 will decide if they want him to be reelected if he decides to run for reelection in two years from now.

Our remaining eight legislators for the sake of our county must look elsewhere for our next chair.

The laundry list is long as to why Doherty deserves not to be chair. He may brag legislators almost always vote together, or that most people agree with him on issues. But legislators have a long history agreeing on issues when final votes are counted.

What Doherty does not understand is how to run an elected legislature. He thinks springing items on legislators with agenda items hours before a meeting is how one properly runs a government. He has no respect for committees or the process. He even tried unsuccessfully to be in charge of all committees.

What Doherty does not understand is that when elections are over everyone needs to sit down and work together in a partnership for the people of Sullivan County.

Instead, Doherty has displayed his total disregard towards certain elected officials time and time again. His disrespect and behavior towards Nadia Rajsz is disgusting and inexcusable. What he did to Luis Alvarez was demeaning and reprehensible.

His action towards Ira Steingart was to file ethics charges because his family owns a printing company that does business in Sullivan County. He made it seem as if there were improprieties.

Joe Perrello filed ethics charges against Doherty after he made unwarranted and outlandish claims against him. Doherty had to publicly apologize.

His deplorable behavior does not stop with our legislators.

Robert Doherty’s conduct and treatment of our District Attorney Meagan Galligan when she pleaded for her office to receive more funding for Assistant District Attorneys and Investigators was offensive, improper, and downright obnoxious. It was as if he was trying to control our elected Countywide District Attorney.

County Clerk Russell Reeves is one of the most likable countywide elected officials in Sullivan County. His office produces a lot of money and does a vital job for Sullivan County residents, but when Reeves made a plea for jobs to be restored in his office he was treated in a despicable manner by Doherty. Then when a longtime employee suddenly passed away, Doherty made sure the position was eliminated and replaced it with a lower paying job title. It is as if Reeves works for Doherty, and he controls his office too.

Doherty can argue that at the end of the day Galligan and Reeves got most of what they wanted, and he can use all the fabricated bull he wants to defend himself with words like process and fiscal responsibility, but what else would you expect from someone who has no idea what the truth is.

Robert Doherty treats people who speak at public sessions with total distain. These people devote their time to come to meetings to speak out on issues affecting all of us – They deserve some respect.

Anyone can go online and watch for themselves Doherty’s repugnant behavior during meetings. Just go to the County legislative website and view the meetings.

The laundry list of Doherty’s disastrous mistakes is far-and-wide, but none is as despicable as to what he did to the Adult Care Center. First, he wanted it sold, then after an outcry from the public he decided to lease it to an outside management company. He created an LDC and shoved the nursing home into it, but he did not realize that by doing so taxes would have to be paid on the property. He fabricated stories and said the new management company would gladly foot the bill.

We all know what happened next with his demands on the Liberty Tax Assessor, and an outside investigation into what happened at the Town Hall.

Now, there is word that he is working with the IDA to get the nursing home tax bill resolved.

During all this, the former administrator of the nursing home, a true professional was fired with trumped-up ethic charges involving things like not caring about a bird’s nest. He really had a plan to make some positive change. Now, we have an outside management company there. They are doing such a great job that the National Guard was called in.

Doherty may be a great businessman but running a local county government is not a private business and should not be treated that way. There is a responsibility of public officials to take care of our most vulnerable population, and those in need.

Just this week it was learned that Doherty signed a contract with Hatzalah Air and Sullivan County for use of the airport without legislators seeing the contract. Robert Doherty is not an elected County Executive. The County Manager is supposed to sign contracts and leases and not a chair of the legislature. At the very least, perhaps other legislators wanted to be involved in this and see the contract before it was signed.

Our leaders need to work together to deliver public safety, municipal services, economic development, and a government that is open, honest, and responsible.

Who Can Lead Us?

Robert Doherty is not the person to lead us. So, who is? Because the legislature is Republican controlled, obviously the next chair will be a Republican. There are three Republicans who have demonstrated the skills and demeanor to be the next chair and possess the ability to bring everyone to the table. They are Alan Sorensen, Mike Brooks, and Joe Perrello.

Alan Sorensen is the senior member of the legislature. He is smart and knows how to run a government. His skills are on both sides of the aisle both as an elected official and governmental employee. Prior to being elected to the legislature Sorensen ran our planning department. He is currently employed in Orange County as the head of their Planning Department. Sorensen might not have the time needed to devote to the chair. If he cannot run for the position, he must do the right thing and vote for someone other than Robert Doherty. Alan Sorenson has the integrity to do the right thing.

Michael Brooks currently serves as Vice Chair of the Legislature. His warm and calming personality became known to Sullivan County residents during his Sullivan County Covid-19 forums. Brooks like Sorensen might not have the time to devote to being chair. He serves in an executive position at the Center for Discovery. There is also concern that he is fearful of Doherty and would ultimately turn into his puppet if elected chair.

Joe Perrello has already announced his desire to be chair. He would be a wise and excellent choice. He is a rank-and-file Republican who has the skills and ability to put politics aside and work with everyone when it comes to government. Perrello is a successful businessman who understands fiscal responsibility. Joe Perrello tells it like he sees it, but unlike Robert Doherty, respects people and knows right from wrong. He is outspoken on issues but listens to everyone before he votes. His heart is in Sullivan County.

Plea to Republicans

I am urging the leadership of the Republican Party to speak with the Republican members of the legislature and plead with them to elect someone other than Robert Doherty. For the sake of Sullivan County, and to restore human decency to our County Government, Republican Chairman Gary Maas, Sheriff Mike Schiff, and State Senator Mike Martucci must use whatever influence they have to see that someone else is chair.

Do Your Part

Equally, the residents of Sullivan County must speak up and contact our legislators.

District 2
Nadia Rajsz (D) | Phone: 845-807-0442 

District 3
Michael Brooks (R) | Vice Chair | Phone: 845-807-0443

District 4
Nicholas Salomone Jr. (R) | Phone: 845- 807-0445

District 5
George Conklin III (R) | Phone: 845-807-0438

District 6
Luis Alvarez (D) | Phone: 845-807-0177

District 7
Joseph Perrello (R) | Phone: 845-807-0439

District 8
Ira M. Steingart (D) | Minority Leader  | Phone: 845-807-0440

District 9
Alan Sorensen (R) | Majority Leader | Phone: 845-807-0444 

Plea to Legislators

Vote for someone other than Robert Doherty – He has not earned your vote! The hold Robert Doherty has on four legislators must end! Please – Do the Right Thing!

And to answer the Question in the headline. No – Robert Doherty should not be re-elected Chair!


Bill Liblick has made a name for himself of National TV Talk Shows where he spouted his outspoken views from the front row. Now he offers you his opinion in the “MOUTH THAT ROARS” Column in the Sullivan County Post


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