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March 19th, 2018

More Dysfunction in Monticello As Village Elections Approach – Perhaps It’s Time to Dissolve

When Andrew Cuomo first ran for governor he ran on a platform that included consolidation of government. Throughout his time in office he continually makes this one of his primary issues.

Well – Mr. Governor – Right now is the time to shine – And demand that the Village of Monticello must cease to exist and merge into the Town of Thompson.

Just when we thought we had the opportunity to shine with Resorts World Catskills opening and all the other development coming along with it – Monticello politics has once again reached the bottom of the barrel.

On Tuesday Village elections will be held and the outcome can be devastating not only for the Village of Monticello – but for the entire Sullivan County.

On the surface it’s a normal election with respected Village of Monticello Justice Josephine Finn running for reelection unopposed, and two Trustee seats up for grabs with one popular incumbent seeking reelection.

But – In reality this election is about the future of the Village of Monticello – And the results can have a devastating negative impact on all of Sullivan County.

Hardworking and respected Village Manager David Sager could be ousted from his position if the election sways the wrong way, and because of his appointment as Police Chief in Newburgh – Mayor Douglas Solomon might be stepping down – leading the new board to appoint a new Mayor.  

The attacks and mudslinging on all sides are devastating – and sadly – people are so disgusted with it all – It might turn voters away.

In the eyes of many – Monticello is a far different and better place than it was just a few short years.

Mayor Douglas Solomon along with the Board of Trustees are making the tough decisions necessary to turn things around.

Village Manager David Sager has been professional and ethical in running the municipality’s day to day operations. He has spent endless hours in correcting errors of the past. 

Police Chief Robert Mir along with his law enforcement team are doing an outstanding job when it comes to public safety.

Incumbent Trustee George Nikoladis is a highly respectable leader who is working endlessly for Monticello.

But – in the world of Board of Trustee Carmen Rue (a Democrat who was once a Republican) things in Monticello are far different. In her eyes, Solomon along with other board members are not doing their job and she wants Sager fired as Village Manager.

Former disgraced Mayor Gordon Jenkins (who was a Republican) without the backing of the Thompson Democratic Committee gained enough signatures to be on the Democratic Line, but he was forced out because his conviction prohibits him from running for political office for five years, so he was replaced with his girlfriend Rochelle Massey who is also running on the “G Woman” with Stephanie O’Brien.

Running on the Republican Line is Gary Somers and Michael Banks, Democratic Line is Aleta Lymon and Rochelle Massey, on the Conservative Line is Aleta Lymon and Gary Somers, and G Woman line Rochelle Massey and Stephanie O’Brien.

Rue who once was the biggest opponent and critic of Jenkins and Massey is now strongly aligned with them. Rue is doing everything in her power to oust Sager –  because he will not allow her to micromanage him.

What does Rue want?

The Rue/Sager saga has become so messy that litigation seems apparent.

Although Rue like Nikoladis is not up for reelection, she is doing everything in her power to get Rochelle Massey elected. Depending who one speaks with – she is also supporting Stephanie O’Brien or Aleta Lymon.

Rue has a well-oiled machine and knows how to get the vote out. She campaigns fiercely and is an expert when it comes to absentee ballots.

The Village of Monticello is heavily Democratic and has a strong minority voting base – that can help Massey and Lymon. And, unlike in past elections opposing Jenkins – there is no Monticello United.

But – All is not lost.

There is a strong campaign going on in Monticello to combat Rue and her campaign to oust Sager and get her candidates elected. The activity on social media is explosive. All probably making Rue more important and powerful than she actually is.

An email blast distributed throughout Sullivan County and on Social Media from a group called Concerned Citizens of Monticello says the following:

“These are scary times for the Village of Monticello. Tom & Carmen Rue have spent the last 3 years creating the very same chaos on the current board that they have with each preceding board. Their agenda is NOT in the best interests of the Village & its residents, it is about control. They have managed to chase away a great trustee & public servant in Jill Weyer, with her Master’s Degree in Public Policy from an ivy league university. She has tried to harm Trustee George Nikoladis’ family business by posting old Department of Health violations on Facebook. She has tried to slander the Mayor with false articles on her public website (some of which she removed after being threatened legally), & she has targeted the current Village Manager with a vicious smear campaign.”

“This really shouldn’t come as a surprise because the Rues have not been able to get along with one board cohesively & have ultimately been at the root of firing every Village Manager they have worked with. While they have been long-time area residents, at some point we all need to realize that they are a cancer in the Village of Monticello government. Now, after years of complaining about Gordon Jenkins & helping to remove him from office, Tom & Carmen Rue have made amends & are working to support the G-Woman Line in the upcoming election. Make no mistake a vote for Rochelle Massey or Stephanie O’Brien is a vote for Gordon Jenkins. At this point in our history, we can’t afford to make that mistake again. Gordon made himself & the Village of Monticello a national disgrace.” 

“There is also a strong argument to be made that the chaos created under Carmen, Gordon & Rochelle, has already cost & continues to cost the Village of Monticello millions of dollars in grants & other opportunities through the State of New York. Leaders of the State are aware of the chaos & uncertainty. They do not want to be embarrassed by a circus-like atmosphere. Why do you think that the Village did not have a seat at the table when it came time to talk community benefit money from the casino? They have had serious negative consequences on the Village.”

“We simply cannot go back to that. A period of utter turmoil, shady kickbacks to friends, clock throwing, arrests & guilty pleas. This may well be one of the most important elections in the history of the Village. If the G-Man Crew & Carmen Rue gain control of the Village Board, may God help us all. They have already proven what they are capable of & NONE of it is ultimately good for the residents of Monticello.”

Yup – What can be said except – Oye Vey!

Please – If you are a voter in the Village of Monticello – Vote on Tuesday March 20, 2018.

And – If you do not like the outcome – You have no one to blame but yourself!

Good Luck to ALL the candidates!

Bill Liblick has made a name for himself on National TV Talk Shows where he spouted his outspoken views from the front row. Now he offers you his opinion every week in the “MOUTH THAT ROARS” Column in THE SULLIVAN COUNTY POST.

2 comments to More Dysfunction in Monticello As Village Elections Approach – Perhaps It’s Time to Dissolve

  • Michael

    It is time to dissolve the village of monticello I have said this many times. The village of Monticello should see how this election goes then act towards dissolving the village after the assumed outcome!

  • gespin3549

    The children in alleged leadership positions in the village of monticello are worse than spoiled brats. It’s disgusting.