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January 9th, 2016

“Chef Andy” Fighting Allegations

Andrew Yeomans known to all of Sullivan County as “Chef Andy” has been suspended from his job in the Monticello School District and some serious allegations have been levied against him.

A $50 benefit dinner is being held on Monday January 11th from 5 PM to 9 PM at Albella Restaurant in Monticello.

A Facebook page has been set up
as well as a paypall site to make donations to help his family during these trying times.

I asked Chef Andy to discuss the allegations with all of Sullivan County.

Here is what Andrew Yeomans had to say:

“As the Food Service Director, it is my responsibility to implement and provide meals in accordance with regulations imposed by the U.S.D.A. and the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act. It is also my job to manage all aspects of food service.

On November 5th, I was suspended from my job by the Superintendent of Schools, Tammy Mangus, via authorization from the Board of Education, with no reason given. “Charges” would be forthcoming some six weeks later. I received the “Charges” on Friday, the week before Christmas. I was told by Nelson Quinones, the District’s new “Head of Security” that he was informed that I was in attendance at my daughters’ winter concert at Cooke, and he “..tried to find you there to serve this but I couldn’t find you.” This is a direct quote. He later drove to my home and served the “Charges” upon me while I was in my truck. It was there that he informed me that he looked for me in the crowd of parents in the Cooke school gym.

I have chosen the life of community service, I have chosen to actively attack impropriety, I have chosen to jump in front of the ones who can’t fight for themselves when they’re being wronged by public servants or others who have lost their way. It was me who chose to follow in the footsteps of my father and his mother and father before him in this regard.

I think I owe my community an explanation. The school district is charging me with Section 75 Civil Service charges, none of which are criminal in any manner of speaking. I repeat, none of the charges, as they are called, are criminal in nature. After all, don’t you think something like that would have made the news? No, I’m being charged with things like “Failure to follow directive to sign a contract.” Can you imagine? Failure to provide safety equipment for my staff? There’s more, but you get the idea. Your tax dollars hard at work. This is what took six weeks of humiliation to come up with.

What is happening to me now is happening as a result of others who would scapegoat a community servant in order to mask their own inadequacies and lack of integrity. To retaliate against me, as political “Pay-back” for my loving wife running for school board of Monticello C.S.D. Anyone who asks her why she ran, her answer will be because she wanted to make a difference. Her husband serves the community and she tried to fit in. I must apologize to her though, I didn’t even support her outside of getting her some signatures for her petition. I believed it would be wrong of me, as a district employee to get involved. I believed that it should not matter to me who sits on the board.

What is happening now is also and more importantly the result of what I’ve come to know this past year and a half. I’ve seen things, that would make your blood boil, get swept under the rug and/or ignored. I have reported impropriety and illegality up through the chain of command, as is my protocol. Don’t believe me? FOIL the emails from me to Administration informing them over a period of two weeks that there was no hot water in the Middle School. Further, I don’t need a college degree to know when numbers don’t add up! (That’s all you get here, for obvious reasons. But this, friends and enemies, is but the tip of the iceberg)

That “Roachgate” thing? You were all lied to and my team and I paid for it. At no time was I ever directed to discard all of the breakfast meals and serve new ones. Further, at no time was I directed to review our food storage and service protocols. Those roaches have been in the upstairs teacher’s lounge for at least two years, as far as I’m aware. The story goes that the teacher that brought the microwave (which is against district policy- no coffee makers, no microwaves according to the Plant Operations Director in the meeting I attended, something about fire insurance regulations) into the building brought the roaches hidden inside. They crawled across the floor from said room, hitched a ride on a breakfast bag inside a crate outside the classroom, and there you have it. I believe that all the blame was placed on the food service department in an attempt to defame and rile the public anger toward me. By the way, I was directed to compile an inventory of the discarded meals for insurance purposes. I informed the Superintendent that I could not, as nothing was discarded. She then directed me once again to compile the report. Yes, here, in this instance, I was “Insubordinate.” There are emails, and this is fact.

Please thank your culinary team at RJK Middle School if you know them. Also thank the custodians there. Pursuant to the pest control report issued subsequent to “Roachgate,” there were no traces of roaches, of any kind, found in or around that kitchen. Just so you know, there never have been. Pest control records will support my statement. The culinary team busts their asses to make sure that kitchen is clean, as all of my staff in all of our kitchens do, and the health department reports support that. They did not deserve to be humiliated by what the Superintendent said in every single media outlet we have. Quite possibly, this may have just been an attempt to sabotage my team’s morale. Only she would know.

These are only two items I can share, as the entire school population has already experienced them both, and they are common knowledge. There are other things that I cannot divulge here in this forum.

All the while, I’ve done NOTHING wrong. Nothing but my job. I ALWAYS do my job! Pointing out problems, big ones, and continuing to run the most neglected department in the district have led to my being suspended after multiple attempts to get me to resign. I’ve been bullied, I’ve had a bogus contract sent to me by the current Superintendent, and told “Sign it or you’re fired.” (This she did, I believe full well knowing that I’m a civil service employee and cannot be required to sign an employer generated contract for employment). I believe there are those who would seek to destroy a family’s livelihood and a father’s ability to provide a Christmas to his kids, pay his rent, keep his lights on, feed his family, destroy his good name, his entire career, and intimidate him to the point that he would just “Cut and run.”

Rumors have been and continue to be circulated throughout my home town that have been so egregious and reckless that they have brought my wife to tears. These rumors have intruded on the sanctity and refuge that is my family, where my children can read my face and that of my wife, despite our best efforts to conceal it all, and see that something’s wrong with mommy and daddy.

With what’s been circulating from what people are calling “Very reliable sources,” the mere thought of going to the store for milk is something I dread. “What’s going on with Andy? I heard he was fired.” “What’s the deal with Chef Andy? I heard he left his wife and kids and is on the run from the law.” “Chef Andy was arrested and led out of the school in ‘cuffs.” “They have him on camera stealing food and selling it to {a local business}.” (left nameless so they can pursue any legal remedy they deem necessary) Facebook messages sent to people on my friends list by people my friends don’t even know “Informing” them that I’m some sort of criminal as though it’s actually true. Some, and only some of them are listed below. Those missing are far too disgusting and abhorrent to list. To those who have heard those, I say consider the source. If you believe any of them, your existence in this world is worth little more than the rumor itself.

Now, for whatever it’s worth here’s my official statement to those who love rumors:

“My name is Andrew Franklin Yeomans, Chef Andy as many know me. I have never, nor will I ever commit any crime, misuse public funds, leave my wife, become a degenerate gambler and drug addict, be “on the run from the law,” or any other criminal act that has been circulating throughout my community and emanating from agents of Monticello Central School District at many levels.”

As to the “Fundraiser?” Two things. First, it’s a way to create income so I can make sure a roof stays over my family’s head, insurance stays on my truck, my phone can stay on, and so I can fight this battle with a clear head. I can cook and I refuse to ask for something for nothing. So with help of a few close friends we created the Fundraiser Dinner.

The second reason, and it’s more of a “Pay it forward” type thing, is that the family at Albella’s Restaurant was good enough to give me a couple days of work when I needed it most to help get my family through Christmas. During their slowest time of year. I feel it only proper that I hold it there and pay him a decent price. After all, it’s winter and in Sullivan County any local business owner knows the need for revenue and I refuse to ask for a discount which explains the $50.00 tag on this shindig.

In light of what my family has had to endure because of who I am, I must speak up. I believe that my apology to my wife and children should be equally as public as the rumors have become. Janice Yeomans, it’s my fault and I cannot apologize to you enough. I’ve brought this into our home. Had I never cared about anyone but us, we’d be a whole lot better off today. I just don’t know how to be any other way. That said, I do know that a good fight against all odds only brings us closer together.

I have always done my part to watch over my share of caring for the children I’m responsible for feeding. It is my hope that this will continue, providing of course that everything I’ve worked to build hasn’t already been destroyed.

Thanks for taking the time to read. If you have questions, and I can answer them, I will. If I decline to answer, you’ll just have to trust that there’s a very good reason. You’ll also have to trust that I’m not hiding anything illicit. My life has always been an open book. This is just the next chapter.”

Chef Andy

Thank you Chef Andy for making these accusations public – And good luck in the fight to clear your name.

Bill Liblick has made a name for himself on National TV Talk Shows where he spouted his outspoken views from the front row. Now he offers you his opinion every week in the “MOUTH THAT ROARS” Column in THE SULLIVAN COUNTY POST.

14 comments to “Chef Andy” Fighting Allegations

  • Debra Gabriel

    I believe in you. Your Dad is watching over you Andy and your family. Always have Faith and Hope, this will get you through your darkest days.

  • Dina DeFazio Tyler

    I’m sorry this is happening to you & your family I wish you all the Best Andy!!!

  • Sonia Ward

    I know your truth will prevail. Push on.

  • Paul A Clark Jr

    I do not know you or any of the particulars in this case but I can say this. As a ten year Board member in Eldred and thirty years observing the workings of public education, the things you say are very plausible. There are big problems with school board members, school administrations and faculty associations in Sullivan County and throughout NY State. “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil over good, is that good men do nothing.” If dedicated and competent watch dogs do not spring up and create change, then people will get what they get. Poor education at a terrific price.

  • Janet

    This stinks, you think your own community members/board members would fight for you instead of against you. Do you remember Mr Rader I’m sure he wouldn’t tolerate what’s going on now even though he was the principal.

  • Jane

    MCS sucks they hired my son gave him a probation period for 6 months. It was his first job after graduating college. He was never reprimanded, evaluated, had no reason to suspect he wasn’t doing his job properly. Then about a month before his probation was up they accused him of coming to work drunk, even provided him a ride home in a district vehicle. I was home we immediately went and had blood work done,which showed no use of alcohol or drugs. He then returned to work with paperwork in hand. He continued working, again no evaluations, no reprimands, then the last day, last hour of his probation they let him go. I have nothing good to say about MCS administration they play dirty, I just feel bad for the next person that got hired in his place. Districts way of not having to pay benefits I guess. Andy be glad that your no longer involved with that corrupt place, New doors will open, you will be happier.

  • I also really do not know you but after working for the DOE OF NYC I can believe anything. I wish you and your family the best of luck in overcoming this. I hope you have a really good lawyer. Are you in a union? I belong to the UFT and AFT. If you do they can be your backbone. In the city many belong to District 37. Even though I only moved up here permanently six and a half years ago, I’ve heard there are lots of problems and people are wrongfully accused of things when they go against someone’s agenda. Good luck with your fight for right!

  • I left you several voice messages over the past two months to see if you were alright and/needed anything. I was upset that you didn’t return my calls. Trust you will be alright?,

  • Paul A Clark Jr

    As previously stated I cannot decide the truth. It is for a judge or jury to decide. I have heard the rumors and so far that is all they are. Understand that incompetent people have big salaries to protect and they will do it in anyway possible. All I can hope to do is help to level the playing field. Go to the NYS Comptroller’s website and read the audit report on MCS. Go and Google “William Thornton Eldred” to see who the MCS Business Mgr. associates with. It is a cancer but it is not inconsistent with human nature. Most people are weak and will take the path of least resistance. So if you decide to pursue this and are successful, do you want relief for yourself and your family, or for all public education students.

  • Andrew Yeomans

    Cherise, my cell phone number is 732-948-9649. I don’t have any messages f from my work voice mail. I would always reply, you’re good people! Please call at your leisure! Hope you’re well.

  • Ernest M. Salvatico Jr.

    To Chef Andy, Good luck to you. Find a good attorney and stay strong. You will have to seek one from out of, county.
    Why is it that these two prior articles, dated Dec. 17 2015, Open Government Needed and December 31st, 2015 Please – No Encore Performance, have the comment section closed? It makes one wonder what kind of bad official dealings would be exposed here, if only, the comments section were open in these two article.

  • Stella

    Chef Andy keep your head high. Perhaps you can look into to help your cause and get the legal support you need to fight these allegations. I find it strange that your union rep is not helping you more with this situation. You appear to be an honest man and have pursued a life career to serving the public and you should applauded for your dedication. However it’s been my experience the minute you try to clean up an environment that has little regard for health and safety concerns, the upper chain of command takes it personal and then has to find a way to shut you down and make you it away. I am very familiar with your school district and it appears nothing has changed. The problem I see is accountability which makes people humble, and instead of admitting there wrong and say let me try to fix what has been ignored, they choose to push the issue under a carpet; and then find a scape goat. I hope more parents get behind you and step forward to speak there minds … My final thought is shame on the man (bully) and the people that urged him to seek you out at a school event to serve you papers. Best of luck to you and your family. God Bless.