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March 25th, 2011

Blanche knew how to dish it out

Blanche Masters along with her son Bud LeConey turned Blanche’s Diner into a Sullivan County landmark. It is with immense sadness to learn of Blanche’s passing.


For the past 25 years Blanche served as host, cashier, and even waitress as her son Bud sweats behind the grill making certain each and every diner enjoyed their homemade cooking.


Blanche’s has it all, the food, waitresses, patrons, and atmosphere. There is nothing like an old fashioned Diner. The warm feeling at Blanche’s is quite unique, and the waiting staff is exceptional. Whenever I come in, Penny knows exactly what I am ordering.


Blanche turned her eating establishment into much more than a place for good food. It is widely regarded as Sullivan County’s political gathering hall and melting pot. Political movers and shakers are seen eating there daily. Each and every diner has an opinion on everything.


During a frequent visit County Court Judge Frank LaBuda was dining at one table, while Family Court Judge Mark Meddaugh was having lunch with former Court of Appeals Judge Anthony Kane, as other known and not so known diners were gabbing about the latest headlines.


I love going to Blanche’s Diner not only because they have the world’s best banana and blueberry pancakes and dish out good old fashioned hospitality, but because everyone has an opinion on everything. Conversations on every subject matter can be heard loud and clear.


Blanche used to tell me stories on how patrons would be discussing my column as they were eating and talking. “I keep my mouth zipped,” she would tell me while making a motion to her lips and winking at me.


“Bill you know I have to stay neutral and I can’t state my opinions publically because I have a business to run, but please keep doing what you are doing because someone has to,” she would tell me in her unforgettable tone and voice.


I always enjoyed my political conversations with Blanche. We privately discussed each and every election, and we rarely disagreed. She was very concerned about Sullivan County’s future and desperately wanted our quality of life to improve.


Blanche was a good and caring person. She would always spend time to chat with my functionally challenged cousin Iris no matter how busy she was. She always touched me by saying, “You are doing a wonderful thing by taking care of her Bill, and God will reward you.”


Blanche lived with old fashioned values and ethics. She believed you had to work hard to earn an honest living, and that she did. She often told me stories on how she and Bud would wake up during the wee wee hours of the morning under the most severe weather conditions to make certain her customers were well served.


Watching Bud behind the grill, making certain each and every order comes out to perfection one can see his mother raised him with nothing but pure love.


Bud, you and your family should be comforted in knowing how your mother touched everyone who knew her.


May you rest in peace Blanche Masters. You will be missed.




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  • marvin Cohen

    Blanche was a lovely LADY.Great personality,sharp businessperson.We never left there disappointed.And that’s going back over twenty years.We will miss you Blanche.R.I.P.
    Marvin & Sandy