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December 24th, 2010

Thank you judge ledina for a job well served

The Honorable Burton Ledina sadly will be forced into retirement next week because he reached the mandatory age allowed by law to be a judge. It is sinful that a competent judge has to step down. This is nothing more than discrimination and Ledina is a perfect example of why the law must be changed.

Burton Ledina is in his prime, his knowledge of interpreting the law and calming yet intellectual demeanor will be deeply missed. He truly excelled on the bench and has continually made Sullivan County residents proud.

Ledina’s road to the County Court has always intrigued me. While serving as Town of Thompson Judge, Ledina was appointed to the County Court by Governor George Pataki after Judge Anthony Kane was appointed to the State Supreme Court. Ledina lost a challenge from Frank LaBuda, a second County Court seat was created and he was once again appointed by Pataki. Ledina won this time. The rest is history.

Reflecting on Ledina’s retirement, County Court Judge Frank LaBuda told me, “Burt Ledina has been a judge for all seasons. He has had the distinction and the privilege of holding every elected judicial position in the unified court system of the State of New York. On a personal note, I have known Judge Ledina in his capacity as a lawyer and judge for over 34 years, and most importantly I have known him as a friend. I wish him all the best of health in his active retirement years.”

Family Court Judge Mark Meddaugh who has shared Family Court and Supreme Court caseloads with Ledina, said “Judge Ledina has devoted almost his entire legal career to the judiciary in one form or another. During his years on the bench, he has helped serve the citizens of Sullivan County well and his quiet demeanor and scholarly pursuant of the law will be missed.”

District Attorney Jim Farrell speaking fondly of Ledina told me, “I had the opportunity to appear before Judge Ledina for the past 15 years and can say without hesitation that he is the definition of a true gentleman. I and my opponents were always treated with respect and dignity.”

Farrell added, “While we did not always agree, he listened to both sides and was always fair and respectful, that is what we deserve in our judiciary.

Judge Kane, who retired last year from the Appellate Court, said, “I have had the privilege of working with Burt as a lawyer, appearing before him as a judge and collaborating with him as a colleague on the bench. He is both a judge and a person of the highest quality treating all who appeared before him fairly and with the utmost courtesy and respect, no matter their station in life. His goal was always to do what was just, and he devoted his considerable intellect and talents to that end. I am proud that he is my friend and colleague.”

Town of Thompson Supervisor Tony Cellini recalled, “Judge Ledina served as our Town Justice with distinction, fairness and professionalism to everyone that appeared before him. He has made the Town of Thompson proud. The age requirement for judges should be changed.”

It will indeed be hard for anyone to replace Burton Ledina.

Enjoy your retirement Judge Ledina, and thank you for your impeccable service to Sullivan County.

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  • Enjoy your retirement Judge Ledina, you have earned your golden years, wishing you good health and good times. You will always be remembered as a man who cared.