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December 30th, 2010

Sullivan County approaches 2011

As we enter 2011, I wish I could say Sullivan County is in better shape today than we were last year, but we are not.

Sullivan County has run out of money, and if something is not done immediately taxpayers will be facing double digit tax increases in 2011. Our hardworking county workforce will most likely be hit the hardest.

We have become easy street for people on public assistance. There isn’t even a 30 day waiting period for new residents. Social Service programs are bleeding taxpayers to death.

Our crime rate is dramatically on a rise despite the strong efforts coming from our law enforcement community. Arrests are up and so are convictions. Our jail saga continues with no end in sight.

Approval for casino gaming has disenfranchised everyone. I wish Interior Secretary Ken Salazar would wake up and realize we have very little hope for any economic revitalization or stimulation without his immediate approval.

Although Legislature Chairman Jonathan Rouis must be credited for his leadership qualities, and County Manager David Fanslau acknowledged for his work, Sullivan County voters need to elect their leader.

We need a County Executive now more than ever, and hopefully Sean Rieber and the County Executive Research Committee he heads will be successful in getting the issue on the ballot in 2011. Thank you, Sean for keeping the crusade alive despite all the obstacles working against you.

All our elected officials need to learn to work together, but that most likely will not occur in 2011 as our entire legislature and town supervisors will be up for election.

Judging from the 2010 elections we can expect the 2011 elections to be a free for all, with rhetoric and mudsling reaching new highs.

Unfortunately County Court Judge Burton Ledina was forced to retire in 2010, leading to the vicious and bitter campaign for his seat between Michael McGuire and Cindy Barber. Hopefully Judge McGuire will put the campaign behind and serve Sullivan County with honor and distinction.

It will be interesting to see who replaces retiring Supreme Court Judge David Sackett.

One person who shined in 2010 was legislator David Sager. Not only was Sager victorious in his challenge of voter registrations of summer renters, but he was responsible for the legislature’s hydrofracking ban on County property. Sager must also be acknowledged for his respectable showing in his uphill battle to unseat State Senator John Bonacic. The powerful opposition and enormous amounts of money that worked against him did not stop Sager.

Tragically we lost rising political star Sean Hanofee in 2010. He is deeply missed.

A special thank you to our many dedicated residents who volunteer their services for us.

Our firefighters, ambulance workers, and members of civic and religious organizations continually go above and beyond their call of duty.

Helping others while working towards beneficial change is what we should all embrace in 2011.

My New Year’s resolution to you is that I will continue roaring about the issues confronting Sullivan County because I really do care.

Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year!

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