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Bill Liblick has made a name for himself of National TV Talk Shows where he spouted his outspoken views from the front row. Now he offers you his opinion every week in the "MOUTH THAT ROARS" Column in the Sullivan County Post.

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January 26th, 2021

A Sad Day for Sullivan County as Doherty’s Controlled Legislature Plans to Lease Nursing Home

It will be a sad day for Sullivan County when if the legislature votes to lease our nursing home to a private entity.

Companies made proposals last week and legislators are now said to be investigating them.

If there is any human decency left – a vote to award a contract to one of the bidders must not happen. Our legislators must instead work to fix problems inhouse and continue to operate the facility.

Any company bidding to run the nursing home wants it for one reason, and that is to make money. No one wants to manage a nursing home because they care about our elderly. These people operate businesses, and they are in it to make a profit. There is no reason why Sullivan County can’t run the adult care center at a breakeven point.

It should be the mandate of any government to make certain our most vulnerable population is taken care of at any cost. Any government whether it be Democrat or Republican led has this moral and legal obligation to our society.

The Sullivan County run nursing home which has undergone some name changes over the years, has always had a pristine reputation for taking care of our elderly.

In fact, many of our elected officials and business leaders placed their beloved family members in the facility because of their outstanding service and care.

Instead of leasing the facility, the new administrator at the Adult Care Center at Sunset Lake should be allowed to do his job. He is an outstanding professional who needs time and support.

Just like a private entity should not run a county jail – a private entity should not be running a county nursing home or home care agency.

You want to privatize something and save money? Look at the airport instead.

Legislature Chairman Robert Doherty claims it is about the taxpayers, the bottom line, and of course caring for the elderly. He is so full of it – He actually believes his own rhetoric.

Doherty takes the truth, twists it, and then blames others. His select group of legislators for some reason will do and agree with anything he says.

The embarrassment out of this bunch of legislators is Alan Sorensen who knows better.

What is amazing is that Josh Potosek has been our County Manager running our government throughout this and many other legislative terms. Why isn’t his responsibility and accountability being questioned? Where was his public outcry if things were so bad at the Adult Care Center?

Doherty somehow thinks he has a mandate from the people to do as he pleases. He forgets that this is a legislative body. He is not an elected County Executive something which he claims to support along with staggered terms.

The fact is – The only reason he won election as a legislator was because people in his district wanted Scott Samuelson gone. Sometimes you need to appreciate what you have – because sometimes what you get is much worse.

Robert Doherty clearly has no respect for anyone who disagrees with him.

His form of government lacks proper protocol. Instead of following procedure and bringing items to committees first, he instead defines everything as an emergency so he can hold special meetings – skirting the process.

Often legislators are unaware of his agenda items until the night before a meeting.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic a group of citizens have been attending legislative meetings and speaking out. Ken Walter is no longer our lone warrior.

In fact, so many residents are so vocal against Doherty and his gang, Sullivan County Sheriff Deputies are now visible at meetings in full force.

It seems like we are falling deeper into a hole because of Robert Doherty’s unprofessional and demeaning style of leadership. We are already one of the poorest and unhealthiest counties in New York State – Why make it worse?

It is time that each and every legislator sits down and reads the County Charter and its Codes. Perhaps they need a better understanding on how County government works. I really believe some of them have no clue.

Robert Doherty – it is not too late. Take a step back. Reevaluate what you are doing. Begin to work with everyone whether you agree with them or not. Work with everyone whether you like them or not.

The issues facing Sullivan County are not a joke – they are very real. Lives are at stake here. We need some professional, caring, and honest leadership. Start with the nursing home. Delay any potential vote. Put leasing the facility on the back burner and work with the community to turn things around.

Back in 2010 our county formed a task force to explore different options concerning the future of the nursing home. Although alternatives included privatizing, shutting down the facility, or partnering with another entity, the county did its due diligence to protect the interests of our seniors and taxpayers. Great organizations such as SLAC came out of that task force.

Challenge those people who are outspoken and screaming at you to work with you. Set up a special commission and allow them to join this group to work to fix the nursing home problems. You owe that to all of us. There is no rush to turn things over to a private management company. They will always be there chasing the money.

Bill Liblick has made a name for himself of National TV Talk Shows where he spouted his outspoken views from the front row. Now he offers you his opinion in the “MOUTH THAT ROARS” Column in the Sullivan County Post

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