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Bill Liblick has made a name for himself of National TV Talk Shows where he spouted his outspoken views from the front row. Now he offers you his opinion every week in the "MOUTH THAT ROARS" Column in the Sullivan County Post.

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November 6th, 2017

Please Vote on Tuesday and Make Your Vote Count!

This Tuesday we will be exercising one of our most cherished rights – Our Right to Vote.

Although it appears to be quiet election year in Sullivan County there are some very important decisions confronting voters.

Voters will have an important choice to make as we decide if there should be a constitutional convention. Without getting into a strong and lengthy debate on the issue – The measure should be turned down as it could have a detrimental outcome if approved. Pension funds are clearly in jeopardy.

The Sullivan County Board of Elections has provided samples of all ballots as they will appear on November 7th. The positions for elected officials are displayed on the front of the ballot. The proposals will be found on the back of the ballot sheet (which can be viewed on “page 2” of these sample .pdf files). They can be viewed at:

In the race for State Supreme Court Justice – Julian Schreibman is running against Peter Crummey. Although both men will serve us honorably, if elected, Julian Schreibman will bring a strong commanding distinction to the bench equal to that of Supreme Court Justice Stephan Schick. 

On the County level – Sullivan County voters will be electing a District Attorney, Sheriff, and Treasurer.

District Attorney Jim Farrell and Sheriff Michael Schiff are running unopposed and for good reason. Both men have excelled in their respected positions.

Jim Farrell has proven himself time and time again as one of the leading prosecutors in New York State. His conviction rate is not only impressive, but the way he conducts himself in the court room is extraordinary. His staff consists of dedicated assistant District Attorneys and investigators who continually make Sullivan County proud. The amount of work they do representing us in the courtroom going unnoticed by the public is astonishing. One just needs to walk into a Sullivan County Courtroom and they will see what I am talking about.

Farrell has also been a leading advocate in the war against drugs. His investigative team has worked hard with the FBI, local law enforcement and the Federal Prosecutors Office. He lectures throughout the County speaking at schools and forums on illegal drug use and abuse and on other law enforcement topics. He is a true dedicated public servant.

Michael Schiff has taken the Sheriff’s Department to a new level. Thanks to Schiff and his staff – Sullivan County has the proper law enforcement team at hand to protect all of us. His hardworking Sheriff’s Patrol and investigative team works hand and hand with the New York State Police, The Village of Liberty Police, The Village of Monticello Police, The Fallsburg Police, and our other local law enforcement agencies to protect us.

Thanks to Schiff and the efforts of his staff, Sullivan County will finally have a new state of the art jail and Sheriff’s Office.  

To state it bluntly – Everyone likes Mike Schiff.

The big (and to some not so big) contested race throughout the County is for Treasurer. Monticello CPA David Kometz has decided to challenge Treasurer Nancy Buck.

Buck, who took over after the passing of Ira Cohen and was elected to fill his term, is respected and praised throughout New York State in the way she operates the Sullivan County Treasurer’s Office. Buck is one of the most liked and respected elected official in Sullivan County. Clearly, Kometz will have an uphill battle to defeat Buck.  

Although most town races are uncontested – there are several hot battles out there.

In the Town of Thompson – Supervisor Bill Rieber is running unopposed as is Town Clerk Marlee Calhoun and Highway Superintendent Richard Benjamin.  

Interestingly, there is a challenge against Town Judge Marty Miller coming from third party candidate Jane Moudrik. Martin Miller has been an outstanding member of the Sullivan County Judiciary and he deserves reelection.

The big race in the Town of Thompson is for Town Council where voters will elect two people and the list of candidates is impressive. The only incumbent running is John Pavese. Also running are Jay Rubin, Melinda Meddaugh, and Steven Kurlander. All of the candidates are outstanding choices, but it would be interesting to see Kurlander elected.

Kurlander is an outspoken known entity in Sullivan County and seeing him win an elected position would be exciting and noteworthy.

In the Town of Libertyformer Town Justice Brian Rourke is seeking to fill out the term vacated by former Supervisor Charlie Barbuti. He is facing a challenge from third party candidate and former deputy highway superintendent John Lennon. Rourke is the clear favorite to win the seat, and has the vision to turn things around in the municipality.

Town Judges Kirk Orseck and Harold Bauman are running unopposed, as is Highway Superintendent Timothy Pellam.

The big race in the Town of Liberty is for the Council position. Incumbents Brian McPhillips and Russell Reeves are facing a challenge from former Village of Liberty mayor Dan Ratner. Voters will be filling two seats.

Both McPhillips and Reeves deserve reelection. They have both worked hard for Liberty and work well with the other councilmen.

Reeves who is a Republican and McPhillips who is a Democrat represents a true Bipartisan Team running with Rourke for Liberty.

I urge Liberty voters to vote for 2 Brians and 1 Russell on Tuesday.

In Fallsburg – Supervisor Steven Vegliante and Town Clerk Donna Akerley are running unopposed.

Town Councilmen Nathan Steingart and Michael Weiner are facing a challenge from Lakin Castillo. Without an ounce of hesitation, voters should reelect Steingart and Weiner.

In Woodridge – there is a race for Village Trustee where voters will select two candidates in a field of four. Among those candidates is former Sullivan County Legislature Chair Leni Binder who deserves reelection.

In Mamakating – the new ward system goes into place. Supervisor William Herrmann is running unopposed as is Highway Superintendent Riley Platt III. Terrence Mullen is running unopposed for Town Justice, while Cynthia Dolan is facing a challenge from third party candidate Julia Sherman.   

In Ward 3 – I urge voters to elect former councilwoman Christine Saward.

In Forestburgh – Supervisor Dan Houge Jr. is facing a challenge from Susan Hawvermale who is running on a third party line after losing the Democratic Primary along with Bill Sipos to Houge.

Town Clerk Joanne Nagoda is running unopposed as is Justice Maryjean Carroll. But, Highway Superintendent Joseph Ruggeri is facing a challenge from William Steinberg who is running on a third party line.

The big race in Forestburgh is for Town Council where incumbents Susan Parks-Landis and Katherine Barnhart face a challenge from Karen Ellsweig. Voters will be electing two for the council position.

Susan Parks-Landis has been a respected, hardworking and well-liked Councilmember. Many residents in Forestburgh cannot say the same for Barnhart. It would be refreshing to see Ellsweig elected.

A final Town that deserves mention is Lumberland where Deanna Rajaz is running against Jenny Mellan for Supervisor. Rajaz is a young and much needed voice in Sullivan County it would be nice to see her elected to political office.

Once again please visit the Board of Elections website to view the ballot in your township.

A big thank you for all the candidates seeking election. Your commitment and dedication in serving the public is appreciated.

Now, it is our job to go out and vote.

Bill Liblick has made a name for himself on National TV Talk Shows where he spouted his outspoken views from the front row. Now he offers you his opinion every week in the “MOUTH THAT ROARS” Column in THE SULLIVAN COUNTY POST.


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  • Tony Cellini

    Very nice Bill. There is also a Referendum in Thompson to make the Supervisors term 4-years from the present 2-years.