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July 15th, 2016

Support Dean’s Law to Protect Our Animals

On Thursday July 21, 2016 at 1:50 PM there will be an important Public Hearing will take place in the Sullivan County Legislative Hearing room pertaining to the passage of Dean’s Law.

I urge all residents to support passage of Dean’s Law introduced by Sullivan County Legislator Terri Ward, Chair of the Public Safety Committee.

The newly proposed law would place convicted animal abusers on a registry that would prohibit them from owning pets.

Not only would this new law potentially protect pets, but it would also assist legitimate pet stores and farms that conduct auctions.

Ward told me she introduced the new legislation because, “The welfare of animals is something I’ve been passionate about all my life. I was raised around all kinds of animals and worked in a local pet store throughout my four years of college. I’ve adopted dogs from rescues and have donated time and money to animal causes, but Dean’s Law is what I would consider my greatest contribution to the welfare of animals in Sullivan County.”

Dean’s Law, named after a tortured and abandoned Rottweiler found in the Town of Fallsburg, would put convicted animal abusers on a registry that’ll prevent them from owning an animal for years.

Ward said, “No doubt, the passage of Dean’s Law would be a major advance in the fight against animal cruelty. For one, it would enable legitimate shelters, breeders, and pet stores to ensure that they don’t adopt or sell animals to known abusers, including those who’ve been convicted of hoarding animals, running illegal animal fighting rings, operating disgraced puppy mills, and otherwise torturing, mutilating or killing animals.”

“And because animal cruelty has been conclusively linked with domestic violence, child abuse and even serial murders, it would also serve as an early warning system that would help police investigators to prevent other violent crimes,” Ward added.

The Public Safety Chair noted that “It has been pointed out to me, in my research for the creation of the Law, that it may be difficult for many of our rural but legitimate animal breeders/sellers to access the online database to ensure they are not selling an animal to a convicted abuser. I’ve spoken to the Sheriff’s Department about this issue and they have agreed that anyone can call their front desk at any time, day or night, weekday or weekend and ask if a name is on the list or they can be mailed a printout of the list and be alerted when it gets updated.”

District Attorney Jim Farrell discussing Dean’s Law told me, “I think that the creation of an animal abuse registry in Sullivan County is a good idea.  This proposed law would prevent those individuals who have been convicted of crimes against animals from possessing or purchasing new animals, thereby protecting those animals from abuse and neglect.”

Farrell added, “I would like to thank Public Safety Chair Terri Ward and Liberty Animal Control Officer Joanne Gerow for their leadership on this important issue.  As Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron Saint of animals, said “if you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.”  We have a moral and legal obligation to protect innocent animals from abuse and this law will help us to make sure we live up to those obligations here in Sullivan County.”

Animal Advocate Joanne Gerow discussing the animal abuse law said, “It is encouraging to see our legislature working toward an Animal Cruelty Registry in Sullivan County. I applaud our Public Safety Chair and Legislator, Terri Ward for her attention to this.  Our District Attorney has always been an advocate for the animals and his continued commitment to their protection and wellbeing is praiseworthy.”

Gerow added, “As well documented, animal cruelty is commonly a predecessor to child abuse and violent crime. 100 percent of serial killers have a prior history of animal cruelty. In addition, it is a dependable barometer of moral turpitude.   I am confident in the public officials handling this and look forward to the day that local perpetrators of animal cruelty will have a higher level of accountability. It will also afford the animals in our County protection from those whom have already demonstrated a vile disregard for their safety and comfort.”

Legislator Mark McCarthy said it was important to have Dean’s Law on the books, “As an animal lover I know how important its passage is.”

The Public Hearing for Dean’s Law will take place on Thursday, July 21 at 1:50pm in the Legislative Hearing room at the Government Center 100 North Street, Monticello, NY  12701. Written comments can be sent via snail mail or email to AnnMarie Martin, Clerk to the Sullivan County Legislature 100 North Street Monticello, NY   12701

Bill Liblick has made a name for himself on National TV Talk Shows where he spouted his outspoken views from the front row. Now he offers you his opinion every week in the “MOUTH THAT ROARS” Column in THE SULLIVAN COUNTY POST.


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