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Bill Liblick has made a name for himself of National TV Talk Shows where he spouted his outspoken views from the front row. Now he offers you his opinion every week in the "MOUTH THAT ROARS" Column in the Sullivan County Post.

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February 25th, 2016

Smearing and Slandering: Yeshiva World News Scurrilous Reporting

There has been a campaign by some to defame and smear me since I was appointed to the nonpaid voluntary Sullivan County Human Rights Commission.

The latest was an attempt by a known Sullivan County figure to plant a story in the Yeshiva World News (YWN) alleging that I am Anti-Semitic and against Spanish people. If people knew who this person was they would be shocked.

Look – when one pens such a column as “The Mouth That Roars” and is opinioned and politically vocal as I am – one can expect people with a lot to lose and gain to do everything in their power to attempt to silence and rattle me. Instead of sticking to the issues – They use every tactic imaginable.

At the end of the day these people sound like and act like a bunch of school yard bullies.

I have very thick skin – And people can spin anything or any issue they want – But when someone tries to contend that I am Anti-Semitic that is a far different story.

I have fought my entire life for tolerance and respect for ALL people, and that is what I will continue to do whether these people like it or not.

The Yeshiva World News by pandering to these people has done a great deal of harm towards building a better relationship between Orthodox Jews and the Sullivan County community.

YWN in their attempt to cater to people they are politically connected with fails to comprehend that there is now someone on the Human Rights Commission who understands and will fight for the rights of the Orthodox Community as well as all the people in Sullivan County.

One of my intentions on the Human Rights Commission is to assist in promoting a better dialogue between our year round and summer community.

What YWN fails to care about is how upset many in the Orthodox and Hasidic communities are over their cesspool brand of journalism.

In 2007 an Eruv was placed around Swan Lake to allow Orthodox Jews to carry items on the Sabbath. The objection was about Verizon using private property allowed for phone lines and charging a fee to house Eruv wiring without notifying a homeowner association.

What Yeshiva Word News doesn’t know is that I have a very strong relationship with the Modern Orthodox and Hasidic communities. What they also are not aware of is my own religious background and that I am a product of an Orthodox Yeshiva that I attended until high school.

In fact, I was the person the Chabad of Sullivan County honored this past December with the lighting of their Chanukah Menorah at Shoprite in Liberty.

But the article by YWN would have one believe I am Anti-Semitic.

Here is what The President of the Swan Lake Synagogue had to say about Yeshiva World News’ scurrilous reporting.

As President of the Swan Lake Synagogue I can tell you that this is just typical politics. Someone tries to serve a community by putting themselves out there for a political position and someone will find negative to be dug up from the trenches. Bill Liblick is a member of our Synagogue and a friend and servant to our Swan Lake community Jewish or otherwise. I personally believe and I can speak for many in our community who have emailed me about this disparaging article about Billy, love and respect Billy as a fellow Jew and humanitarian for all he does for the Presidential Estates community as well as the Swan Lake community and for wherever and for whomever he will dedicate his service.

Stuart Mandel, President
Swan Lake Synagogue


This is what the Director of the Sullivan County Eruv Corporation wrote to the Yeshiva World News:

To the Editor:

I am referencing your article on Bill Liblick.

As is almost always the case, when instances that occur and are then written about in an article, e.g., a newspaper, the circumstances on what happened get distorted.

With respect to the Swan Lake Eruv, when it was built, there were many misunderstandings about it.

Once the true facts were known Bill Liblick became a supporter, and since the Eruv’s inception in 2007 Bill has offered to help when there were issues with Poles on Presidential Estates property.

Sy Ratner
Sullivan County Eruv Corporation


Here is what Chabad Rabbi Yossie Hurwitz had to say to YWN about their reporting.

Dear Yeshiva World News,

I know Bill Liblick for a long time. Reading your article, I must conclude that you do not know Bill, and certainly not the Bill Liblick of today.

I live in Swan Lake Presidential Estates, where Bill is the President of the HOA board and has dedicated himself to the needs of the entire municipality.
The area used to be more secular, but has recently started to grow into a beautiful Young Israel community.

Bill helps everyone and is very dedicated to the needs of the community. Everyone loves Bill.

In fact, the person you claim Bill was fighting with over the Eruv is now Bill’s best friend.

Additionally, Bill helped me with numerous events for the Orthodox Community including the annual big Chanukah Menorah Lighting event in Liberty, NY during the last several years, where most participants are orthodox Jews. He was even our guest of honor lighting last year’s Menorah.
His devotion to the community is evident to everyone he meets.

It is for this reason that I believe Bill Liblick’s recent appointment to the Human Rights Commission is an asset for the orthodox community and for the entire county.

The Orthodox community now has a voice on the Human Rights Commission, Bill will enhance the future Jewish life of the Sullivan Community.

Sincerely yours
Rabbi Yossi Hurwitz
Chabad of Swan Lake

Itzhak Drai told YWN:

Sheker Tirchak!

I have a house in Swan Lake and personally know Bill. He went to yeshiva and never did anything in Swan lake against the orthodox Jews. So not only this information is a lie but you are at least transgressing 2 lavim from the Torah. The second one is: when you shame a Jew in public you have the din of Rotseach!

As for my appointment to the Human Rights Commission:

I was asked if I would accept an appointment to the voluntary Human Rights Commission – I want to make it very clear that I did not seek this position.

Several members of the Sullivan County Legislature felt it would be a nice gesture to have me on the Commission because I have been an outspoken advocate for the Developmentally and Functionally Disabled.

The public is well aware with my fight to get the New York State Legislature to pass “Paula’s Law” (named after my sister) that would require surveillance cameras be placed outside of New York State run Group Homes and Day Programs.

Despite what some will lead you to believe I will be an advocate for the Human Rights of ALL people.

Whether you like me politically or not – It is well documented that I have fought my entire life for the Human Rights of ALL people.

My advocacy for all minority groups including Blacks and Latinos is well documented.

Many years ago I went head to head with the KKK and White Supremacist Groups on National TV.

As for the Ethics charges – that too is well documented.

Ethics Charges Withdrawn

The biggest lie in all this is the innuendoes and rumors that I asked for political patronage to be appointed to the Human Rights Commission.

Those in the rumor mill have me wanting every job in Sullivan County – And – By the way – If I did – I have every right to apply and seek employment just like you and they do.

Perhaps these people are really attempting to violate my own Human Rights and a right to fair employment!

Let’s be clear – It is the obligation of the Sullivan County Legislature to appoint people to many community boards. Legislators skirted nothing – they followed the law.

I personally believe the Human Rights Commission should not have input with whom their members are – that would allow them to stack the deck.

But – when it comes to whom the legislature hires as its Director there should be input.

I wonder – Why aren’t my critics concerned about all the other voluntary people that were appointed to various community boards the same day I was and on other occasions?

But – the mere fact this was Bill Liblick and their personal hatred towards me – It does not sit well with them – Well so be it.

Visit the Sullivan County website

and there is a full description of the Human Rights Commission and it lists its members.

Perhaps everyone should look and see if there is anyone political on the Human Rights Commission now and if anyone of those people attempted to stop legislators from appointing me.

And – while you are at it – these people should also look into who wants the job of Director to fill Eric Monroe’s position and see if there is anyone with political connections.

The best thing about all of this is that it has drawn attention to the Sullivan County Human Rights Commission and all the hard work they are doing. This is something these critics who have attempted to defame and smear me could have cared less about in the past, present, or future.

I hope all those critics so concerned with Human Rights will now assist the Human Rights Commission with all their programs in Sullivan County.

Sandra Cuellar Oxford who is best known for her Human Rights Activism in Sullivan County upon learning of my appointment to the Human Rights Commission sent me this message: “Best of luck to you Bill Liblick. I know you, and you will continue to be a voice for dignity and justice for all our neighbors in Sullivan County.”

Scott Eckers of Swan Lake might have summed it up best when he wrote; “I have known Bill Liblick my entire life. He works tirelessly for causes in which he believes, particularly when dealing with people with disabilities or disadvantages. He maintains homes in areas of great need. We both attend the same Orthodox synagogue, so cries of antisemitism are ridiculous. Having an opinion is different than being a bigot. Billy will serve our county well.”

Perhaps those associated with the Yeshiva World News piece and their source (ghost writer) should go back to their respected houses of worship and do some real praying and reflection.
Bill Liblick has made a name for himself on National TV Talk Shows where he spouted his outspoken views from the front row. Now he offers you his opinion every week in the “MOUTH THAT ROARS” Column in THE SULLIVAN COUNTY POST.

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  • Lowell Fein

    I have the personal pleasure and privilege of knowing Bill “Billy” Liblick my entire life. Yes, all 58 years of it. Billy and I grew up together on the lower east side as infants and became close schoolmates and friends, along with several other east side kids.
    He is one of, if not the finest and most genuine people I know. Based on the personal challenges he faced in life, he took a never say never attitude and became a true CHAMPION for all that is good and right. Whatever the issue, Billy put his heart, soul, pen and yes, his larger than life MOUTH into fighting for those in need.
    He loves and respects all people whatever their backgrounds and is respected and admired by all those who know him best.
    So Billy, most of all, I am honored to call you, FRIEND.
    Lowell Fein