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Bill Liblick has made a name for himself of National TV Talk Shows where he spouted his outspoken views from the front row. Now he offers you his opinion every week in the "MOUTH THAT ROARS" Column in the Sullivan County Post.

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June 19th, 2015

Section 8 Outrage

Outrage swept through Sullivan County this week as hundreds of Hasidim from outside of Sullivan County camped out all night in Monticello to apply for Federally Subsidized Section 8 Housing.

The fury was not because these people were Hasidic – It was because few Sullivan County residents in need of such housing knew about the 400 plus Section 8 housing slots opening up.

We all saw the pictures. The playing field did not appear to be equal.

No one can blame the Hasidic Community for being well organized and being well informed when such financial support becomes available. They have a solid unified network.

There are some who say that those in need should have done their own homework and research, and then they too could have been in line waiting to fill out the Section 8 applications.

In reality, how many of our poor know how to research legal notices in the back of a newspaper that are in four point type? Let’s not be foolish about this.

The people in charge of the Monticello Housing Authority claim that they did their job by placing legal notices in local publications and telling Sullivan County Officials at a committee meeting.

We all know they could have done more. But is our County also at fault?

Just like Sullivan County informs us about rabies clinics and other programs they are not responsible for – one would have thought that after the HEAP debacle – County Manager Josh Potosek along with Legislative Chairman Scott Samuelson and Legislator Cindy Gieger Head of the Health and Family Services Committee would have immediately issued a press release informing Sullivan County residents in need to apply for such Section 8 Housing even though the County does not process the applications.

But – We all know by now that Sullivan County Officials are more concerned with self centered politics and filing ethics charges and reprimanding Legislator Gieger for asking too many questions.

Yes – indeed we should all be outraged for our lack of leadership.

Yes – We should all be outraged at our Government Officials from all levels of Government for not sitting down and working together.

As it stands now – One end of the Government doesn’t know what the other end is doing – Except of course for an issue that would benefit them and their friends.

Like the rest of us – Community Activist Elaine Williams was outraged. Here is what she had to say in detail about the events that occurred:

“There was a list put together to be mailed out to all of the agencies in Monticello and Sullivan County. That list was not sent out as directed by the Board. There was a Public Notice sent to the Times Herald Record and the Sullivan County Democrat which was printed in the legal section of the newspapers. If you are not aware of where such notices are printed then you are sure to miss it. I a resident of this community was notified on June 11, 2015. The Executive Director came to me on Friday June 12, and asked me did I received or “read” the notice regarding the reopening of section-8. I told her I had and she then said on Monday morning there will be a good number of people dropping of applications. If you see anything out of the ordinary or anything that you think need my attention please call me and I will take care of it.”

Wiliams continues, “I was in no way prepared for what went on here Sunday night. Most of the Majority of locals in Monticello was Not aware. I know one Board Member in particular took a folder full of the applications and the requirements and gave them out to locals that she came in contact with because she wanted that information out there. It is my understanding that the police were notified when the residents called complaining about the amount of people that came out all through the night. I myself called chief Mir and was told that he was not in. I called Mayor Solomon and was told that he was not aware.”

“As a resident of MHA is felt totally disrespected by the Executive Director because she knew exactly what was going to happen, as a matter of fact she took the time to contact Kathy Krieter of the Federation of the Homeless to arrange parking. If people were only coming to drop off applications then why would you need to arrange parking?”

Williams said, “At six thirty when the Director arrived one of the maintenance men came out of the office and started handing out flyers with parking information. Too bad, the people had already parked here and took every nook and cranny space they could put their cars and mini vans in. So much so, that the school buses, or the garbage trucks couldn’t get to some areas.”

“When I spoke to one cop in particular about all these people and these cars he told me that I had to take it up with the Housing Authority. Yet he found the guts to come to where my car was parked, where I pay an $850 monthly rent that includes my parking space and threaten to tow my car. An illegally parked car is in my parking space, I asked him not to park in because my daughter was on her way home from work and she need to park her car. Well he refused to move his car and went on about his business. I went to the Director and told her the same thing. She told me don’t worry when Alexis gets home we will find parking for her. I then told her that you knew about this and you laid in Pennsylvania and sleep through the night and every resident here is awake, out of their sleep in the middle of the night and you think this is ok.”

Williams said, “She said I can’t do anything about what happened last night, I can only go from this point. so I just need to help these people and I promise they will be out of here by 8:30. I told her that you put out a public notice announcing the office will be accepting applications from 8 to 5 Monday thru Fridays. Make the cops get these people out of here and have them come back at the time that is posted on public notice. What gives you the right to change the rules that is listed on the public notice? Why is it that these folks know you on sight and look at this line where is the local people of Sullivan County?”

“I found out an hour or two later that the few from Sullivan County that knew, were playing by the rules. They came at 8 AM as it was announced. I could write a book here but the bottom line is the information was not filtered out in the local community.”

Williams claimed, “The notices that the Board asked to be sent to the different agencies were not sent out. The Director and Judy made their own rules and got the information out to a great number of folks but not to the locals. They also changed the rules that was not listed on the public notice and decided to have these applications emailed to them from certain folks. The Executive Director actions in my opinion showed a great disrespect for the residents of this community and to the residents of Sullivan County.”

“If you lack that kind of respect for the residents of this community then I think the Board need to take a look for someone who has compassion and respect for the people that a Director is getting paid to serve.”

Thank you Elaine Williams for the first hand account.

So – Should Sullivan County residents be outraged?

Would non Hasidic people really have camped out all night?


Bill Liblick has made a name for himself on National TV Talk Shows where he spouted his outspoken views from the front row. Now he offers you his opinion every week in the “MOUTH THAT ROARS” Column in THE SULLIVAN COUNTY POST.

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  • Ernesto M. Salvatico Jr.

    More blind voters for the hidden powers. Bill, you out of anyone else in Sullivan county should know this fact very well, by now. Those new year round housing projects need government secured rental payments. You, Bill, should know this as well. Keep up the good work. Sullivan county needs more people like you. When is the FBI going to go there to clean up?