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December 5th, 2013

Was Jenkins Apology Real?

Gordon Jenkins apologized this week for his conduct and actions displayed in the videos that went viral on you tube and reached word wide media attention.

Although his statement was significant for his group of supporters who stacked the meeting – one really has to wonder how sincere Jenkins’ act of contrition really was.

Would he have issued such a statement if people did not view his bigoted, hateful, and threatening remarks? It is obvious he did not write his atonement speech as he often found it difficult to pronounce his words.

His attorney Michael Sussman was also in attendance.

Nonetheless – We are a forgiving society and we must all find a place in our hearts to try to make amends. In life people make mistakes. But, that does not mean that Jenkins should stay in the job as Village Manager or even Mayor.

For the sake of the Village of Monticello and Sullivan County – Jenkins should have done the right thing and stepped aside. Instead he proved his cockiness by brushing it off his shoulder like nothing happened and moved on.

The reality is that The Village of Monticello is on the verge of bankruptcy. There is no money to run the municipality. The Village of Monticello is plagued with one problem after another.

As Village Manager, Jenkins has a proven record of unprofessionalism, negligence, and pure incompetence.

As Mayor, Jenkins is an embarrassment to all the people in the Village of Monticello and Sullivan County.

Jenkins’ conduct during his arrest was just one extra checkmark in the box as to why he needs to be replaced.

A Mayor is supposed to be a leader of the people. A Mayor is supposed to set an example for our youth and others. A Mayor is someone we should all look up to. A Mayor is supposed to be a healer and a unifier.

Village of Monticello Trustee Carmen Rue attempted in a failed motion to oust Jenkins as Manager, sadly only fellow Trustee Larissa Bennett sided with Rue. With little discussion, Trustees Reverend James Matthews, Jenkins live in girlfriend Rochelle Massey, and Jenkins himself voted to keep Jenkins as Village Manager.

As a religious leader and community advocate, Reverend Matthews should reflect on his lackluster intervention and unwillingness to do the right thing and remove Jenkins as Village Manager.

How can he expect Casino developers or any developer for that matter to seriously sit down with Jenkins and negotiate?

With Jenkins as Village Manager – Who will take the Village of Monticello seriously? The County Seat has become a laughing stock. And, according to Jenkins, he is not to blame.

The simple reality is that a Village Manager needs to be creative, proactive, and hardworking. That person needs to have the ability to think out of the box. Can anyone seriously say Jenkins is that person based on his performance?

In the world of Gordon Jenkins, he thinks the Mayor should be in charge of the Police Department. He appoints himself Police Commissioner to create even more animosity. He forgets that the police and residents of Monticello want nothing more than to live in a safe and secure environment.

Whether we like it or not, Jenkins has a very skilled attorney who will twist and turn the facts to make it appear that Jenkins is the victim.

Hope may be on the horizon as the electorate will vote for two trustees in March. Political leaders have already been meeting. The Democratic, Republican, Conservative, and Independence parties will unite and rally behind two well respected candidates.

We can also expect Matthews and Massey, the incumbents up for reelection, to run on the Jenkins “GMAN” line. Unfortunately, Jenkins will most likely attempt to use the race card in this election in order to unite his core audience.

I just wish Jenkins would wake up and realize that he cannot manage the Village of Monticello – Perhaps then the healing and forgiveness will really begin.

Until that time – Can anyone legitimately believe his apology was real?

Click this link to view the Village of Monticello’s meeting from Tuesday December 3, 2013.

Jenkins’ Statement and Apology

In a highly unusual act, the Sullivan County District Attorney’s Office released many hours of video tapes of my recent incarceration while charges against me are pending.

There is much that can be said about the video and the associated events. This is not the time for a full discussion of all the issues raised. Legal proceedings are pending.
However, I do want to state the following:

1) I continue to believe that if any police officer observed me in a state of what he or she believed was inebriation, that officer had a responsibility to approach me or any person in a similar situation at the scene of the traffic accident and offer me a ride to wherever I was going. Assuming I was inebriated, such a response would have protected public safety. This never happened.

2) Like those employed by other jurisdictions, our police officers must obey the Constitution and before questioning a detainee, accord his or her the right to confer with legal counsel.
In this case, the video makes clear that I asked repeatedly for legal counsel and was not afforded that right. I was not promptly arraigned and was held in what I regard as an inhumane manner. I implore our police officers to ensure compliance with Miranda Rights and to treat all arrestees with basic respect.

3) Despite my evident frustration with what I believe was selective and targeted police conduct against me, and the violation of my rights, I agree with those who have condemned my choice of language.

I do believe that some of the response I have received as Mayor, has been discriminatory and that our Village’s accomplishments have been obscured by a focus on my activities or alleged activities. At the same time, I understand that letting anger get the better of me was a poor choice and apologize to those who are understandably offended with my choice of words and the manner in which I expressed my outrage and anger.

I also recognize that the selected segments of police video portray me as if I am possessed of a deep-seated racial animosity toward some of those involved in this incident. I am not and have spent my career working closely with people of all races and backgrounds.

While I am and remain upset by how I was treated, I apologize for my profanity and my use of racial epithets. I understand that many cannot or do not discriminate between the use of such words by a person deeply upset or provoked, as I was, and the use of those words without provocation.

I spent more than three years serving out country before being honorably discharged from the Army and another 29 years as a corrections officer in our state. As noted, I worked with many fine members of law enforcement and respect police officers who properly perform their duties and applaud their commitment to our community.

I also agree that name-calling is not the most constructive way to resolve serious issues of intolerance and bigotry.

I regret that my words may distract some from the issues we all need to address: insuring that all people are treated with dignity, especially those cuffed to walls and powerless to stand up for themselves.

I remain committed to serving our community and to continue our progress both in respecting the right of others and helping all to actualize their potential.

Monticello NY Mayor Gordon Jenkins after DWI Arrest
Click the links below to view the videos recorded during his arrest.

Bill Liblick has made a name for himself on National TV Talk Shows where he spouted his outspoken views from the front row. Now he offers you his opinion every week in the “MOUTH THAT ROARS” Column in THE SULLIVAN COUNTY POST.

1 comment to Was Jenkins Apology Real?

  • Doreen

    nothing will be done and its obvious why. if the table was reversed the town and county would have such a large lawsuit for spewing racial ugliness but in this case he was made into a victim in stead of his victims being recognized as such. This is going to set such a negative presidency in this county that monticello Pd is now going to have such opposition doing the job they are paid to do, they will have little to no respect from those in the village that support jenkins, I see larger issues coming such as race wars, rioting etc. This is all because Jenkins made this a race war on his own accord. The PD didnt, Jenkins did in his little drunken tirade. This entire situation is sickening, issues like this is why so many are leaving the county and I am one of them! I would rather deal with someone I know is a crook than deal with one that pretends so hard not to be one. At least I will know what to expect!