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December 16th, 2011

SPCA Cleans Up Its Act

Sullivan County’s SPCA’s has had a bumpy ride during the past several years. It went from having a pristine reputation to being plagued with many problems.

There were allegations of mismanagement and deplorable animal living conditions. The facility was shut down due to deadly outbreaks of parvovirus, and many local townships severed ties.

After an extensive tour of the SPCA last week, I am elated to say those deplorable days are gone. The SPCA is once again thriving as a respected animal shelter thanks to a new Board of Directors and proper management. Cats were found in a loving playroom, dogs were properly being cared for, and the facility was spotless.

The major problem confronting the SPCA these days is the desperate need for additional funding and space. Although they are expanding their cat room doubling the size, it is just not enough.

The SPCA is a winner of the Sullivan Renaissance Environmental Award for the restoration of the horse paddock, barn and removal of 200 yards of garbage. They claim to have formed a task force to help the control of the feral cat population, and have four full time employees and countless number of volunteers.

Still, there are critics of the SPCA who argue that they are actually in the business of selling dogs bred out of state and not there to help with our local animal population and problems. In reality, thanks to their dog sales they can survive as an SPCA.

Discussing the vast improvements undertaken, President Manon Fortier told me, “Theoretically, the mission of the organization has not changed. It was always suppose to be about the sheltering and caring of homeless and neglected animals and their adoption in loving homes. However, the level of professionalism, dedication and extensive experience of the new board, staff and volunteers is at the very center of the transformation of the SPCA.”

“Without a competent and caring team of people to implement a mission statement, it’s just a bunch of empty words on a page. We finally have that team in place now and we look forward to the continued growth and expansion of the shelter.

Board member Matt McNeil added, “We will never stop improving the ways we provide local care for animals and the families that take them into their homes.”

Sullivan County resident Denise Sarett Connolly told me she adopted a dog from the SPCA and said “remarkable changes” at the facility is an “understatement. I have adopted from there over the years and always thought it was poorly run, but under current manager Debbie, amazing changes in everything from the facility to the adoption process, and help if needed after the adoption. I was happy to make a donation last week because I know the money is being spent wisely.”

SPCA officials told me they applaud Joanne Gerow’s efforts to help control Sullivan County’s stray cat population, and they fully supports her drive to open a Humane Society for cats and dogs to work alongside them to further serve animals in Sullivan County.

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  • Katz

    I am thrilled to see that the Rock Hill SPCA has a task force to help with the over population of feral cats in the area. I hope the word goes out to the senior citizens in the area who need this help.