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December 10th, 2010

Why are they afraid if we get casino gaming?

What are they afraid of? That is what one seriously has to wonder judging from all the outlandish criticism Governor David Paterson is getting since he signed a land settlement claim with the Stockbridge Munsee’s.

Everyone knew the Stockbridge Munsee’s had a legitimate land settlement claim against the State of New York for years, and that they have been trying to settle and swap that claim in order to obtain the rights to build a casino in Sullivan County.

Governor David Paterson made it no secret that he was negotiating with Indian tribes and was doing everything he could to turn us once again into a key tourist destination with casino gaming. I even reported that back in May after I discussed the matter with Paterson at the Democratic Rural Conference.

Now all of a sudden there is criticism coming from outside of Sullivan County, and some within, that Paterson had no right to settle a land claim.

As Governor, Paterson had every right to settle the Stockbridge Munsee land claim, especially when he knew it would assist in revitalizing the entire Hudson Valley region, and bring in billions of dollars to the State of New York. It was the right thing for him to do, and we should all give him a round of applause.

The Stockbridge Munsee Tribe has done everything right. They have dotted every “I” and crossed every “T”. Not only have they proven their aboriginal ties to the Hudson Valley, but they have partnered with one of the most prestigious, credible, and well funded casino developers. The site they selected is not only environmentally sound, but is a perfect location for a tourist destination.

Our elected officials must be credited in finding a means to circumvent the stalled “Land into Trust” process that was stopped by the Department of Interior.

Critics are saying the deal was done behind back doors and is illegal, others say the Aqueduct project will be hurt, the Oneida’s are claiming the Stockbridge Munsee have no rights to a land claim, standardbred horsemen are concerned their industry will be wrecked, and other casino operators are gearing up a fight.

Shame on all of them! Enough Already! The outside political forces working against us should shut up once and for all. Sullivan County needs casino gaming in order to survive and it is time we get our piece of the pie!

The Department of Interior must immediately approve the Stockbridge Munsee plan.

And, Paterson should not stop with the Stockbridge Munsee’s, in the short time he has left as Governor, he should amend the Seneca’s Land Settlement Act (a tribe that I have been involved with) to include a gaming facility in Sullivan County, work to get the Mohawks back, and assist any other tribe that wants to open up a casino in Sullivan County.

The window of opportunity is still there to turn us into a true resort destination again with the ingredient of casino gaming.

Leave us a legacy we will forever be grateful for Governor Paterson.

1 comment to Why are they afraid if we get casino gaming?

  • Roberto Rodriguez

    With casinos east, west, north, and south forces gather to deny Sullivan County a casino that would be a sorely needed boon to the area. These forces need to be defeated for the well being of citizen of this county and well as the state.

    This county had a lot going for it already–Bethel Woods, The Dancing Cat Salon, White Lake, etc. A casino would connect the dots and it would bring in the city people who would not only go to the casino but explore the region in general

    A casino and a newly renovated Apollo Plaza would go a long, long way into making Sullivan County a true resort destination, but I am concerned about the time it will take to get up to this resort. There are only two lanes on the 17. How will ever accommodate the extra traffic?