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October 29th, 2010

An election like we’ve never before seen

Wow what a campaign season. I don’t remember when Sullivan County has seen anything like this one, and I thought nothing could top last year’s elections.

I think everyone will agree winners and losers alike, that we will all be glad when Wednesday morning arrives. But, first we must vote.

On Tuesday, we will elect a new Governor, Attorney General, Comptroller, two United States Senators, a member of Congress, New York State Senate and Assembly, plus a County Court Judge. All eyes are expected to be on the Congressional, State Senate and County Court Judge races.

Democrat incumbent Maurice Hinchey, who has become an increasingly more powerful member of the House of Representatives because of his high ranking position on the Appropriations Committee, is in a heated battle with Binghamton High School Teacher George Philips.

Philips, first considered by political pundits as not having a chance in defeating Hinchey, has seen some momentum in his campaign and a surge of money coming from National Republican campaign groups.

Maverick Sullivan County Legislator David Sager switched political parties, and after a well fought battle to get on the Democratic line, is challenging 12 year Republican incumbent John Bonacic.

Sager has been running a grass roots David vs. Goliath campaign, and is hoping a Democratic sweep will get him elected.

Bonacic has taken nothing for granted with the anti incumbency sentiment plaguing our Nation and what is anticipated to be a Democratic year statewide. He has flooded the airwaves and mail boxes thanks to his massive war chest and ability to utilize Senate constituent taxpayer paid mailings to get his message out.

Bonacic has a record of delivering for his district. He recently obtained funding for CRMC. Sager is running as an Albany outsider pledging to reform government.

Sager had hoped to utilize his strong anti-hydrofracking stand to take votes away from Bonacic who appeared to be pro drilling, but he has since taken a similar position to that of Sager’s.

Popular and hardworking Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther is running unopposed.

The race for County Court Judge will certainly be exciting and nail biting as Burton Ledina is being forced to retire. Former Town of Bethel Judge Cindy Barber, who ran against Ledina three years ago and received an impressive 7,000 votes, will be challenged by lawyer Michael McGuire.

The race has been well fought even though it got very nasty towards the end.

Both Barber and McGuire clearly have the qualifications to be our next County Court Judge. Barber is a former respected Town Judge and Attorney, while McGuire is a former ADA and has a successful legal practice. They both would bring different types of expertise to the bench.

The only other local races are for Town Council in Liberty pitting Sullivan County Chamber of Commerce president Jeremy Gorelick against perennial incumbent Maurice Gerry, and in Cochecton where Tony Leone is facing Ana Story.

Who wins will boil down to voter turnout. Remember, signs do not vote, people do. Please vote.

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