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June 19th, 2009

Cahill ready to lead state police in sullivan county

While all eyes are once again on the upcoming sheriff’s race pitting Sheriff Michael Schiff against Legislator Frank Armstrong, quietly a new man has been put at the helm of the New York State Police serving Sullivan County.

Captain Michael Cahill, a no nonsense veteran of our state’s premier law enforcement agency, has returned home to where his much respected and distinguished career began 35 years ago.

Cahill, who moved up quickly through the ranks, is responsible for solving many crimes once regarded as being unsolvable. As Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) Captain, he was responsible for overseeing State Police Investigations in the five counties including Sullivan County.

During his tenor as the BCI Captain, Cahill developed a strong working relationship with District Attorney Steven Lungen. The admiration and esteem both men have for one another demonstrates the true meaning of appreciated and dedicated law enforcement.

Discussing Cahill’s recent appointment Lungen said, “I have known Captain Cahill for approximately thirty years and he and I have worked some very serious major felony cases together. Captain Cahill is a highly experienced and respected police officer and will be an excellent zone commander in Liberty and will be a welcome addition to the law enforcement community in Sullivan County.”

The mutual approbation does not stop with Lungen, Cahill told me, “Steve Lungen is an outstanding District Attorney. He has successfully prosecuted some of the most difficult State Police cases. I have the utmost respect for him. His attention to detail when he is preparing for trial and his passion for the case inspires those who work with him. I would go into battle any day with him.”

He added, “The people of Sullivan County don’t know how lucky they are to have Steve Lungen as their DA. I hope whoever replaces him brings the same trait to the job.”

Cahill said he was glad to be back in Sullivan County where he spent years as a Trooper. “To work with old friends like Steve Lungen and Dick Martinkovic is icing on the cake.”

Public Safety Commissioner Dick Martinkovic said Cahill has already reached out for him.

Martinkovic said he has discussed with Cahill operations for the busy summer months and has requested increase patrols for DWI enforcement. He called Cahill “a very sharp officer” with lots of experience as a leader. “I expect that he will do many good things with his Troopers and we will enjoy a professional relationship working together,” Martinkovic added.

Despite the troopers PBA not always seeing eye-to-eye with Cahill, at the end of the day, First Vice President Tomas Mungeer told me, “he is a Trooper. He is proud to be a member of the New York State Police, and he recognizes the importance of honoring law enforcement officers and the work they do.”

Schiff said Cahill “has always shown that he is the consummate professional,” and added, “I know that he will work tirelessly for the citizens of Sullivan County.”

Cahill said he plans to continue the fine work that his predecessor Captain James Boylan had done. “I know that the people of Sullivan County rely a great deal on the State Police to fulfill their law enforcement needs, and I will make sure we are up to the task.”

He added, “I hope to find ways for the Troopers to work smarter by looking at the 911 data, traffic accident data and crime data. I also want to continue the close working relationship that the State Police has with the other police agencies.”

Cahill said the State Police will continue to focus on solving crimes and reducing the needless deaths on our highways. “On the highways I will continue to focus on DWI enforcement, speed and seatbelt enforcement because violations of the law in these areas are the biggest contributors to the deaths on our highways.”

In regard to criminal matters Cahill said Troopers will continue to respond quickly to complaints and follow all the leads in a case until they are exhausted. He said he also hopes to replace the current barracks in Liberty with a new facility.

Welcome back to Sullivan County Captain Cahill, under your leadership I am certain Sullivan County residents will be able to rest safe and sound at night.

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