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Bill Liblick has made a name for himself of National TV Talk Shows where he spouted his outspoken views from the front row. Now he offers you his opinion every week in the "MOUTH THAT ROARS" Column in the Sullivan County Post.

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April 23rd, 2015

DFS Whistleblower Update

Back in July 2014 some of the disgusting and unethical behind the scenes operation of what we call Sullivan County Government exploded as a DFS Whitleblower addressed the Sullivan County legislature before an Executive Session.

Randy Parker was Commissioner of the Department of Health and Family Services at the time. District Attorney Jim Farrell and his anti fraud unit were in place fighting fraud and corruption.

Although people were being arrested and convicted for fraud – the intent was to always deliver services to those people in need. Taxpayers wanted accountability.

Indeed – Who can believe it was only a few short months ago when all eyes were on the old established behind the scenes machinery that controls Sullivan County and the attempt of others to change business as usual.

Randy Parker might not have had the personality to run DFS, and his actions seemed cold hearted, but he was also looking into things certain people did not want him to meddle like who were the actual people behind vendor contracts.

He wanted to end a “Family Affair” of fraud and abuse at DFS.

Our County Manager knew well in advance that HEAP would be a fiasco this past winter and yet he did very little to ward off what happened. Suddenly after what appeared to be a HEAP scandal and a state report – Parker was let go.

Right or wrong – Parker was depicted as being out of control.

Are things really changing for the better at DFS? Or have things been diverted back?
The Fraud Investigative Unit has suddenly been watered down. Gerry Dietz’s office has been moved to what is tantamount to a closet.

And then there is Kim Martin the whitleblower who bravely made her story public.

Have you ever wondered what happened to whistleblower Kim Martin?

Now that Randy Parker is gone – One would think things would have gotten better for her. Wrong!

Just ask Kim’s husband Christopher Martin and he will gladly tell you what has happened to loving wife.


Where is my wife that I knew 3 years ago?

Before she did the right thing and doing her job by reporting illegal activity of her coworkers? Where is the smile and the strong fun loving woman I used to know? I can tell you where she is……

She is here but now so different.

She had no choice when the COUNTY gave up her anonymity and her and my life has not been the same. She has endured and is still enduring severe retaliation. Including systematically being stripped of all supervisory capabilities, cardboard rats taped to her desk on two occasions, isolated to another building away from her department, given absolutely no job duties.

Meanwhile in November, December and January work at DFS was not getting done. As she begged for work and informed higher ups through documented email the severity of the situation at DFS.

Now still no job duties.

Even when the state came in – She is being left out of key meetings with the Bonadio group and the County Manger, all while having absolutely no job duties for months begging for work.

The COUNTY is hiding her!



What are THEY hiding and what does Kim know?

Well I know and it’s big! Soon to be exposed.

I hope that she now doesn’t suffer anymore RETALIATION which I might add they blamed on Parker. Really? Parker has been gone for months now.

Why is the COUNTY paying a knowledgeable SUPERVISOR to do absolutely NOTHING?

When they are in disarray?

The fraud she reported was real it’s in black and white, along with much more never addressed.

Who is covering this up and systematically trying to get rid of my wife?

WHO? Someone please tell me?

I am a taxpayer as well as a homeowner and have lived in this County all my life and I am entitled to answers.


Christopher Martin


My Name is Kim Martin.

I am a Whistleblower.

I am a Sullivan County Taxpayer, and a Sullivan County employee.

I am speaking out here today, compelled to no longer be silent on the events that have unfolded in my life, at the hands of some very powerful, unscrupulous people who are in the top levels of local government.

In 2012, I discovered and reported fraudulent activity at the department of Health and Family Services, being committed by one of my co-workers. This was not the first time that I had found or reported that fraud was going on. In fact, it was the third time, and I simply could no longer stand by and watch this occur.

I reached out to a legislator, one who ran on a platform of transparency, and cutting fraud, waste and abuse. As soon as I told my supervisor I was doing that, I became a target. I was harassed by my supervisors, and a group of co-workers. I was taunted, I was intimidated, I was belittled, and I was retaliated against. Once my supervisor became adamant about moving me to another department, I took control of what would happen next. I reached out to my Union Representative, whom I had never spoken to before, looking for help.

I was instructed to file for whistleblower protection, which quite frankly in Sullivan County is an oxymoron. Before I even got back to my office, my supervisor knew where I was. Things became more hostile than ever. In the course of the year, I had all I could to do to stay, but support from my friends gave me the strength I needed.

Today, I am speaking out, because as a true whistleblower I am protected under the law. Since the County exposed me as a whistleblower in July of 2013, to the people who I had reported – and who have subsequently been arrested, I no longer wish to remain silent. It is time the taxpayers in Sullivan County know the truth. It is time that people are held accountable, and time for the cover up to stop.

I filed a claim of retaliation with the County of Sullivan, because of the hostile working conditions I had to endure at the hands of my supervisors and certain co-workers. That claim took forever for the county to do anything with. They repeatedly blew me off, and I have tons of documents to prove it, passing me back and forth from the County Manager, to Personnel, to the County Attorney’s office.

The county eventually hired an outside consultant, Arthur Hawker, to investigate my claim of retaliation. Despite the fact that this was recorded, and despite the fact that Mr. Hawker ensured me I would receive a copy of his findings, I was denied both, on repeated occasions by the County Attorney.

Randy Parker would learn of my report, but was instructed to leave it alone, by high ranking County Officials. David Sager was also aware, and was instructed the same thing. But, criminals often reoffend, and soon enough, both Randy and David would become aware of only a small portion of my buried whistleblower claim, and begin investigating it.

My retaliation claim was denied and the denial letter was sent to every person I had filed my whistleblower complaint against. The County exposed me to those I reported. I attempted an appeal, but that turned out to be a joke, as the appeal committee was made up of the County Attorney, the County Manager, and Personnel Director. Ms. McClausland was not even going to let me speak about my case. Had it not been for my “forceful” Union Representative, I would not have been heard. To date, I still have no answer from my appeal. Despite the fact that arrests occurred and I was told in writing, that I would have a decision when the criminal portion was done.

I have been persistent.

So persistent that Assistant County Attorney, Cheryl McClausland even had the audacity to accuse me of creating my own hostile working environment. I have that in writing as well. I created the hostile environment? By doing my job? And reporting fraud? Everything that had been done, or that management was attempting to do to me was my fault! Every day was a roller coaster ride. Who would target me today, who will threaten to kick my ass, who will ignore me… this went on for weeks at a time, which turned to months, and every day I found it harder and harder to stay. They were trying to break me.

So now, I sit by, and I watch day after day, as the County applies the same tactics to the case of Randy Parker. Does everyone know here that the County hired a second consultant, the law firm of Roemer, Wallens, and Mineaux, to look into the complaints that employees lodged against Parker? Does the public know that the amount paid was more than double what the legislature authorized? Does the public know that employees were given a number to call and leave their complaints on a voicemail? Doesn’t that seem like they were soliciting complaints?

Regardless of that fact, it is obvious that the investigation and the report was not what some of you wanted to hear. Since, Mr. Parker is still here, and since you have attempted to change the whistleblower policy – removing fraud, but adding everything under the sun, to make the reports of several disgruntled employees now “protected”.

I reported a legitimate case of fraud. I was not protected by this County, I was accosted by it! Now, in order to protect one of your own, you will go to any lengths. I was offered protection from only a few, including Randy Parker, and Gerry Dietz. Both of whom then became your targets.

The taxpayers in Sullivan County deserve justice. Many dedicated, honest & hardworking employees deserve justice. Each of you took an oath of office. You are elected to serve the public. Many of you ran to change the ways of Government. You ran on honesty, transparency, and fairness. Many of you are not worthy of the public’s trust. Many of you forgot why you were elected, or have succumbed your own agendas.

The resolution to authorize an investigation into just cause against Randy Parker is a witch hunt. You have paid for two investigations already, which you have kept under lock and key, because they didn’t go your way. How much are you willing to pay to get the answer you want? That is what it is really about.

I applaud Cindy Geiger, Cora Edwards, Gene Benson, Kitty Vetter, and Alan Sorensen, and any of the rest of you who have the courage to step up and rescind the resolution authorizing $175,000 of taxpayer funds to cover up decades of mismanagement, fraud, waste, and abuse.

We the taxpayers deserve the truth. We deserve a legislature that works for us. We want you to allow Randy Parker to do the job you hired him to do.

Kim Martin

To be continued.

Bill Liblick has made a name for himself on National TV Talk Shows where he spouted his outspoken views from the front row. Now he offers you his opinion every week in the “MOUTH THAT ROARS” Column in THE SULLIVAN COUNTY POST.

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