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March 20th, 2014

Jenkins’ Racism Rants Must End

Days after an astonishing defeat of his handpicked candidates running for Monticello Trustees, Mayor Gordon Jenkins still does not get it. He is doing everything he can do to obstruct government and see to it that the hiring of his new village manager sticks.

What is even sadder is that Jenkins continues the rhetoric with using the race card.

In fact, according to Jenkins, it appears that anyone who disagrees with him is a racist – It does not matter if you are White or Black – You are a racist.

Appearing on the Alan Berman Show a day after an election that saw Douglas Solomon and Jill Weyer sweep to seats on the village board, Jenkins offered good insight into how out of touch with reality he really is.

Jenkins in an extensive rant on Berman’s Show alleged that Trustee Larissa Bennett, who is also Black and supported Solomon and Weyer, was a racist and turned her back on the Black community.

“Larissa can’t make decisions, she doesn’t want to go up against White people, she goes the other way because she is afraid to speak up.” 

Shame on you Mr. Jenkins!

The fact is – Larissa Bennett is very capable in making up her mind and speaking out on issues. She knows right from wrong, and she knows her fiduciary responsibilities as an elected official.

Jenkins also claimed that Time Warner News reporter Eva McKend, who is also Black, was “one sided” when it came to reporting. Jenkins added, “You can be racist even if you’re Black.”

Shame on you Mr. Jenkins!

I know Eva Mckend, I follow her reporting, and I can tell you that Eva McKend is fair and balanced. It is an honor for all of us in Sullivan County to have her reporting news, and we can all expect her to excel and have a promising future in broadcast media.

The fact is – The Black community came out in droves last Tuesday to denounce Jenkins and his candidates, because they are ashamed and angered with what he has done to our County Seat. People did not vote based of skin color, they voted to restore Monticello. This is something Jenkins cannot comprehend.

Although it is commendable that Rochelle Massey and Oswald Allen ran for Trustees, Jenkins claims he ran them because he had no one else to run.

Continuing his tirade on Berman’s Show, Jenkins said he dedicated his life to helping the poor and always represented their needs.

As one would expect he claimed race had something to do with him being handcuffed to the wall by the Monticello Police Department when he was arrested for drunk driving. How can any of us forget his racist rants that went viral on youtube?

He says race is the reason so many Black men are arrested in Sullivan County. “Too many Black males are arrested.” It’s like “chickens going to slaughterhouse.”

In a blistering attack against District Attorney Jim Farrell, Jenkins said he (Farrell) does what Trustee Carmen Rue tells him to do, and that he (Farrell) infiltrates the Black community. He alleged that Farrell was more concerned with a “numbers game” to convict.  “There is no rehabilitation,” Jenkins exclaimed.

He also said there were few fair verdicts in Sullivan County Courts because there are no Black jurors except for one or two on a trial.

What Jenkins doesn’t understand is that people want to live in a safe and secure community. It’s about public safety. People who commit violent crimes get arrested and are prosecuted.

District Attorney Jim Farrell is doing the job he was elected to do, and we should all be proud to have him there. When it comes to crime and prosecuting he is color blind, and that is something Jenkins cannot comprehend. Or at the very least, pretends he doesn’t want to.

Jenkins might be right about our revolving door criminal justice system and lack of rehabilitation, but to blame Farrell is ludicrous.

If Jenkins is so concerned, he should step up to the plate like Village Judge Josephine Finn has done with her much praised Dream Tank and help prevent and rehabilitate our youth from leading a life of crime and drugs.

The Gordon Jenkins I knew was a good natured person who did help a lot of people. He did a lot of work with Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) to help our youth. But, once Jenkins was elected to elective office he became a completely different person.

Even trustee Carmen Rue was an ally. She helped him organize the “G Man” Line after major political parties refused to run him. He always felt they refused because he was Black and not part of the “Old Boys Club.”

On one hand he attacks Rue while on the other hand he claims he wants to work with her and sit down and resolve their differences.

The simple truth is that Carmen Rue has dedicated herself the Village of Monticello. She has gone above and beyond the call of duty of any public servant, and Jenkins knows it.

Jenkins is on target though when he talks about adults who act like bullies on Facebook. They are no better than children who name call and fight in school yards. It actually does say something about Sullivan County when some of these people are selected to sit on supposedly prestigious boards.

It’s good to hear that Jenkins says he wants to work with the new board, but actions speak louder than words. He needs to stop the nonsense with illegally ramming his new manager down the throats of the new board and attempting to change local law.

Jenkins did allude to the fact that he originally supported David Sager for the position of Village Manager and that might be a choice that still warrants consideration. Everyone who knows Sager knows that no one could or would “control” him and he would do a hardworking honest job.

Douglas Solomon, Jill Weyer, Carmen Rue, and Larissa Bennett all want what is best for the Village of Monticello, they are eager to work as a team to fix Monticello’s problems. Jenkins must either work with them or step aside.

No matter what you decide to do Mayor Jenkins – Please stop the racist rants. 

To listen to the Alan Berman Show with Mayor Gordon Jenkins visit –

Jenkins’ racist rants that went viral

Bill Liblick has made a name for himself on National TV Talk Shows where he spouted his outspoken views from the front row. Now he offers you his opinion every week in the “MOUTH THAT ROARS” Column in THE SULLIVAN COUNTY POST.




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