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November 24th, 2013

Mayor Gordon Jenkins Is a Racist

Village of Monticello Mayor Gordon Jenkins has proved he is a racist. Whether drunk or not, the video tapes released of his arrest confirm he is a nothing more than a racist unfit for elective office.

I have been writing about his deplorable antics for a long time, but this time Gordon Jenkins has gone too far.

When Jenkins first ran for elective office he was a completely different person.

In fact, he found it very difficult to get support from political parties, and he ran on his own “G Man” Line and won. He was a Democrat originally, and Tim Hill the former chairman made certain he could not get the Democratic endorsement, Gordon always felt it was because he was black and not part of the “Old Boys Club.” He changed his enrollment to Republican, then Democrat, and then either Republican or Independent.

Indeed, Jenkins was really a different person back then, even trustee Carmen Rue was an ally. But, something happened – that is why these videos are very disturbing and one can see that he clearly needs help.

People like trustee Rev. James Matthews should be trying to get him some medical attention instead he is silent. This is NOT the Gordon Jenkins I knew or anyone else did. He is part of Roy Innis’ group which is a conservative group equal rights group that is not militant.

What Gordon Jenkins says in these videos are above and beyond politics and is filled with pure hatred. We must all wonder – How and why did it get this way! It is all very very sad. And, we should all feel very sorry for him.

One thing is certain – Gordon Jenkins can no longer be Mayor of the Village of Monticello.

Gordon Jenkins is an embarrassment to every elected official in the United States and he must be removed from office!


Monticello NY Mayor Gordon Jenkins after DWI Arrest
Click the links below to view the videos recorded during his arrest.

Statement by Village of Monticello Police PBA President John Riegler:

As PBA President and on behalf of the police union, I would like to formally request Mr. Jenkins step down as both Mayor and Village Manager of Monticello. His behavior the other night while in police custody for a DWI charge was both appalling and disturbing.

Based on the now public video and audio from that night, Mr. Jenkins proved to the public what he actually is. And this is not the person he claims to be. His threats of retaliation to the officers at the station that night are alarming to say the least. Mr. Jenkins needs to immediately resign, move on with his life and based on what was displayed on the video, get the help he needs. …

Lastly, the residents of Monticello, it’s employees as well as the police force need to move forward and do what is best for the Village. As long as Mr. Jenkins is the Mayor and Manager of Monticello, this will never be realized. His departure would be best for the community as a whole.

John Riegler
Monticello PBA

Monticello Trustee Carmen Rue Issues Statement on Mayor Gordon Jenkins Video Tapes:

I call on Governor Cuomo, Senator Bonacic, Assemblywoman Gunther, Attorney General Schneiderman; as well as on Congressman Chris Gibson on behalf of the Federal government to protect the people of Monticello from the corruption has overtaken this Village government.

The mayor’s attempts to coerce and abuse the police into tolerating his dangerous drug and alcohol induced behavior is criminal, and must be treated as such. He has created a hostile work environment, attacking public servants to prevent them from performing their jobs.

Trustee James Matthews and Trustee Larissa Bennett must do the right thing and remove him immediately as Acting Village Manager. They are harming our community and himself. They are morally responsible to stand up against his racist and criminal behavior and let the world know that Monticello is better than this.

The public has a right to see these videos. They are public documents, released in open Court in response to a Freedom of Information request. Residents of Monticello have to see how this mayor is trying to use law-enforcement to his own benefit.

This is a Column I wrote in January 2009

Gordon Jenkins is no Martin Luther King

Monday night will be the first meeting of the Village of Monticello board since its long holiday break, one can only hope and pray all the appalling antics will come to an end and everyone will get to work for the betterment of Sullivan County.

Elected officials often forget the role of government and why they run for political office in the first play. It should be about caring for people and making life better for them.

The quality of life in the Village of Monticello has been on the critical list for a long time, and that is because of lack of leadership, and an unwillingness to work with everyone on the part of Mayor Gordon Jenkins.

Personally, I like Gordon Jenkins and I consider him a friend, but as mayor of a municipality he is lacking the skills of being a unifier. Equally, his family and friends who regularly attend village meetings are doing more harm than good for him with their out of line catcalls and insults at elected officials and gallery members.

What is most reprehensible is that the word racism is being tatty around in all this. Racism and even reverse racism has no place in our society, with a black president and a black governor we should be beyond that.

To accuse Village Board members Victor Marinello, Carmen Rue, and Scott Schoonmaker with racism is repulsive. I know these three individuals and they are not racists. Because they care about the future of Monticello and do not agree with a black mayor does not make them a racist.

No one even looks as Jenkins as being a black mayor; they look at him as an elected official who should be working with everyone for the betterment of the Village of Monticello. Something he refuses to do.

Certain people who have been critical of Jenkins and his policies no longer attend meetings. Why you may ask? Because they told me they are afraid of attending because they feel threatened, so they remain silent.

The temporary appointment of Zach Kelson as Village Manager is a good idea, because he understands how government and politics is run. But, having an attorney as Village Manager in the long haul is a bad idea, because the Village has its own attorney.

The person who should be back at the helm managing the municipality is Ray Nargizian. As Village Manager Nargizian did an outstanding job in protecting the interests of all the taxpayers. His long list of accomplishments was remarkable. The Village of Monticello was finally on the road to recovery. But, Jenkins no longer likes Nargizian, so he is not there.

As for John Barbarite, obviously there were problems. We may never know the real truth because of the anger and hatred from all sides. One has to wonder, how did all this even start in the first place and why?

Now the village is left in shambles and no one is willing to work together? I even understand during the past few weeks, records and computer files have been deleted and/or destroyed placing the village further in turmoil.

Personal vendettas and self motives do not belong in politics. For the sake of human decency, all this disarray must be put to an end. As the elected Mayor and leader of the municipality it is Gordon Jenkins who must be the healer. If he is going to quote Martin Luther King then he should be acting more like him by displaying the love and unity the man truly espoused. It is obvious Gordon Jenkins is no Martin Luther King!

Gordon Jenkins – the ball is in your hands. You and only you have the ability to bring civility back to the Village of Monticello.

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