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Bill Liblick has made a name for himself of National TV Talk Shows where he spouted his outspoken views from the front row. Now he offers you his opinion every week in the "MOUTH THAT ROARS" Column in the Sullivan County Post.

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October 24th, 2013

Town Elections Matter

A week from Tuesday is Election Day. Although all of the focus has been on Proposition One, none of us should take the rest of this election cycle lightly. Many townships have hotly contested races, and it is imperative that you come out and vote in those local elections that will have an important impact on all of our lives.

One or two votes can often sway an election. And, if you can’t come to the polls on November 5th to vote, you can vote through absentee ballot.

The Sullivan County Board of Elections will be open late on Wednesday, October 30th until 7 PM, and on Saturday, October 26th and Saturday, November 2nd from 9 AM to Noon to accommodate voters who need to vote early.

There are no contested countywide elections this year with District Attorney James Farrell, Sheriff Michael Schiff, and Treasurer Ira Cohen all running unopposed.

None of us should take our local township elections for granted. Local town boards decide on budgets for their municipality as well as other issues vital to all of us.

Not only are many town supervisors, and council members up for grabs, but so are many town judge seats as well as other local municipal positions.

Two of the hottest Supervisor races are taking place in two of our largest municipalities Thompson and Mamakating.

With Supervisor Tony Cellini retiring, it is anyone’s guess who will lead Thompson for the next two years. Voter turnout most certainly will determine the outcome of this hotly contested race between Bill Rieber, Ramon Cedeira, and Jerry Fielding.

Democrat and Conservative nominee Rieber, who is a former town councilman and household name in the Town of Thompson, should be the favorite to win the election, but Fielding who lost the Republican primary and is still actively campaigning on the Independence line could be a spoiler and split the vote, and lead Republican and Thumbs Up candidate Cedeira to victory.

Cedeira, who is a novice in the world of politics, ran against Cellini on an independent line two years ago, and to everyone’s amazement he received nearly 40 percent of the vote.

In Mamakating, the issue of a Hassidic development has taken center stage in this bitter election which saw Republican incumbent Harold Baird lose the Republican Primary to John Moul.
Baird is still on the ballot running on the Conservative and Independence lines, while Moul is on the Republican and Mamakating Coach lines, but it is Democratic and Rural Heritage candidate Bill Herrmann who is considered the favorite to win this election.

In the Town of Bethel popular Town Supervisor Dan Sturm is expected to easily win an Independent line challenge from Judith Maidenbaum owner of the Fat Lady Restaurant.
Sturm has the endorsement of the Democratic, Conservative, and Independence parties. There is no Republican candidate seeking the seat.

The big race in Bethel is considered the election for Town Council with Incumbent Democratic Councilwoman Lillian Hendrickson and former Bethel Democratic Committee chairwoman Dawn Ryder, running against Republicans Cirino Bruno and James N DiLeo. All four are running on secondary lines as well.
Running for Highway Superintendent are William Crumley and James P Crowley, Jr.

In the Town of Liberty sitting Judge Harold Bauman is facing a challenge from former deputy highway superintendent John Lennon.

Bauman who is an attorney is the only candidate in the race with vast legal experience. He serves as vice president of the New York State Magistrates Association and has a law named after him. Bauman has the endorsement of the Village of Liberty Police PBA, the New York State Police PBA, and former District Attorney Steve Lungen.

Bauman is running on the Democratic and Independence lines, while Lennon is the Republican and Conservative candidate.

The other hotly contested race in Liberty is for Town Council with four candidates vying for two seats. Republican Chris Austin is the only incumbent seeking reelection.

Former Town of Liberty Fire Chief Corky Chanov and Brian McPhillips are running on the Democratic line, while Russell Reeves joins Austin as the Republican candidates.

In the Town of Thompson besides the Supervisor race all eyes will be on the town judge and town council races.

Incumbent Town Judge Marty Miller faces a challenge from popular Town Councilwoman Sharon Jankiewicz. It is anyone’s guess who will win this race.

In the contested race for Town Council popular incumbent Richard Sush is seeking reelection while John Pavese, Michael Croissant, and Jay Rubin are also seeking one of the two seats up for grabs.

It should be noted that in the Town of Fallsburg there are no contested elections, but there are contested Village elections. Former Sullivan County legislator Leni Binder is seeking reelection to a Woodridge village seat, and in the Town of Neversink, Donna Schick wife of Supreme Court Judge Stephan Schick is seeking a Town Council seat.

In each and every township there are important elections. Please do some research on the candidates running in your township and please vote!

We often hear people complain, while taking no action. If you are not pleased with the way our government is being run, and want to take it in a different direction, you can do something about it. If you are happy with the course we are on you will also have the opportunity to show your support of those elected officials whom you feel are deserving of being reelected. The decision and opportunity is yours, but your participation is mandatory.

The Sullivan County Board of Elections has provided samples of the ballots as they will appear on November 5th. The positions for elected officials are displayed on the front of the ballot. The propositions will be found on the back of the ballot sheet.

For a complete list and sample ballot

please visit:

Bill Liblick has made a name for himself on National TV Talk Shows where he spouted his outspoken views from the front row. Now he offers you his opinion every week in the “MOUTH THAT ROARS” Column in THE SULLIVAN COUNTY POST.

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