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May 2nd, 2013

Schools Need to Unite

Sullivan West High School is rated one of the best high schools in New York State according to a US News and World Report on High School rankings, out of 1,149 high schools in New York State, Sullivan West placed 144. Liberty has received a Bronze rating.

What is the Sullivan West and Liberty doing right that other schools in Sullivan County are not? How can they improve from the examples being set by Sullivan West High School?

Although Sullivan County schools pass the grade, and are highly regarded, some have better reputations than others. Don’t get me wrong – even though Sullivan West High School made the high marks doesn’t mean we don’t have other great schools in Sullivan County that don’t deserve equal phrase.

However, the time has come for us to take an honest look at the educational system in Sullivan County. Our school boards throughout Sullivan County should hold a summit and discuss what is working in some districts and not working in others.

Perhaps a central Board of Education might be the direction we should take with a Countywide Superintendent of Schools or Schools Chancellor. It might cut administrative costs, while utilizing more tax dollars on educating our students with across the board curriculum and standards for all of our public schools in Sullivan County.

School districts are known to spend huge amounts of school tax dollars to pay for administrative expenses. Teachers are often at the low end of the salary totem pole. Consolidation of purchasing and contractor services would also save taxpayers huge amounts of monies.

When a family looks to move into a community the first thing they usually investigate are the schools. Schools with impressive reputations are usually in neighborhoods that are desirable. Perspective homeowners also consider school taxes prior to making purchases.

There is something very wrong when it depends where you live in Sullivan County what the class size, standards, or curriculum might entail.

Each School District within Sullivan County has its own method of taxation. And, they are all run by elected school boards. Our school boards are responsible for hiring their superintendents, administrators, and budgeting items. Schools board members are dedicated elected volunteers who are there with one primary goal and that is to make certain our children are being educated.

With illegal drug use, gangs, and lack of family structure all too rampant in Sullivan County, our schools unfortunately now have a heavier burden placed on them by society.

All of our school board members and administrators should sit down and meet as a county and begin the dialogue

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