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November 2nd, 2012

Exercise Your Right to Vote

Tuesday we will be exercising one of our most cherished rights, the right to vote.

Putting all the campaign rhetoric aside, it is vital we come out to vote not only to help elect those whom we feel will best represent us, but also to make a noble statement as to what it means to be able to vote.

Sadly, only a small portion of those eligible to vote are actually registered, and of them, an even smaller amount vote.
The presidency of the United States is at stake, and it is important that you have your say. Whether you support President Barack Obama’s reelection bid or Mitt Romney’s challenge your vote counts. No vote should be taken for granted.

Don’t forget, the 2000 presidential election was decided by fewer than 600 votes in the state of Florida. In Sullivan County, many local elections have been decided by a handful of votes.

Although local races might be few and far between this year, there are some very important races we must consider.

Besides President, we will be electing a United States Senator, Congressman, two Supreme Court Justices, members of the Assembly and Senate, a County Court Family Judge, and three coroners.

State Senator John Bonacic who holds a lot of power in the Republican controlled State Senate is running unopposed, as are our three coroners, Thomas Warren, Elton Harris, and Michael Speer.

Family Court Judge Mark Meddaugh not only is running unopposed, but has received the cross endorsement of all political parties. Judge Meddaugh has been an outstanding Family Court Judge, and I am glad his honorable tenure on the bench won over partisan politics.

The other important judgeships we will be voting for this year is for Supreme Court. Sullivan County has the unique opportunity of electing one of our own, as local attorney Stephan Schick is running for Supreme Court.

Because the Judicial District encompasses seven counties, it has been virtually impossible to get a candidate from Sullivan County nominated for a Supreme Court judgeship on either the Democratic or Republican lines. In fact, it has been over ten years since we elected a resident Supreme Court justice.

Schick is running on the Democratic line as is attorney Richard Mott, Republican incumbents Michael Kavanagh and Bernard Malone are seeking reelection, and Lawrence Weismann a “placeholder” from a Congressional race is on the Working Families Line. We get to vote for two candidates for Supreme Court.

Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther will be facing her first challenge since easily defeating Sullivan County legislator Alan Sorenson during her first bid for elective office. Republican businessman Gary Linton has run a credible and impressive issue oriented campaign in what appears to be an uphill battle to defeat Gunther.

Missing from the ballot will be Congressman Maurice Hinchey who after a distinguished and much respected political career decided to retire. Sullivan County has been merged into Republican Congressman Chris Gibson’s district. Gibson, widely unknown in Sullivan County just a few short months ago, has become a familiar fixture here thanks to the efforts of Sheriff Michael Schiff’s wife Christine.

Former federal prosecutor Julian Schreibman is seeking to unseat Gibson, in which ironically is Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s old congressional seat. Senator Gillibrand is also on the ballot this year seeking reelection. Conservative spokeswoman Wendy Long is seeking to unseat Gillibrand.

Voting is one of the fundamental processes instrumental in the development of a healthy democracy, please use it Tuesday and vote.

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