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September 20th, 2012

Add Your Two Cents To Our Economic Growth

While the media reports the economy is getting better and better across the nation, things seem to be getting worse and worse in Sullivan County. Take a ride in your car and count the number of “homes for sale” signs and you will be shocked.

Many of those putting their homes on the market say they do not want to move, but feel they have no alternative because they simply cannot afford to live here.

Countless merchants are also feeling the pain and scores of them are saying this was one of the worst summers they have seen.
Sullivan County desperately needs economic development and our legislators know something drastic must be done to stimulate our economy.

In an effort to guide them, the legislature recently hired Wadley-Donovan Growthtech to provide economic development analysis and planning services related to the creation of a comprehensive strategic plan for Sullivan County.

Although we have been through similar plans before, Legislature Chairman Scott Samuelson said, “This project is not about preparing another plan. It is intended to identify recommendations from those prior plans that can have the most positive impact on the economy of our County and provide specific recommendations for implementation.”

During the past several weeks, county officials have been taking members of Wadley-Donovan Growthtech on tours of Sullivan County and setting up meetings with select individuals and politicians. They have toured the Monticello Motor Club, Bethel Woods, the Concord site, Villa Roma, several farms, and Sullivan County Community College to name a few.

Their journeys also took them to our many Main Streets. Hopefully, they understand the need to rebuild them into niche shopping sectors, so people will once again shop in Sullivan County.

Without a doubt, a reinvestment in our Main Streets has to be part of our future economic success. There is no reason why a town like Parksville, which was destroyed by Interstate 86 and looks like a bombed out zone, cannot be rebuilt.

Of course a major focus to stimulate our economy will involve bringing new industry to Sullivan County and reinventing our tourism wheel. But, probably the most important component of Wadley-Donovan Growthtech’s report will come from you the average Sullivan County citizen.

In an effort to get an entire picture of Sullivan County’s economic conditions and our needs, representatives from Wadley-Donovan GrowthTech, LLC and Garnet Consulting Services, Inc. will meet with Sullivan County residents simultaneously on Monday night in Liberty and Monticello to discuss ideas, opportunities, and answer questions and concerns related to Sullivan County’s future economy and economic development.

All Sullivan County residents are urged to attend one of these meetings and be heard. An elite group of people should not influence the outcome of this report, you instead should.

The two identical meetings taking place on Monday at 6:30 PM, will be in Liberty at Liberty High School’s Library at 119 Buckley Street, and in Monticello at the Ted Stroeble Recreation Center at 2 Jefferson Street.

Take the time to attend one of these important meetings and speak out about our economic development needs. This is your opportunity to be heard and be included in the process.

For more information, contact the Sullivan County Division of Planning & Environmental Management at (845) 807-0541.

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