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August 17th, 2012

Dramatic Workshop Brings us “The Producers”

The Sullivan County Dramatic Workshop housed at the Rivoli Theatre is truly one of Sullivan County’s prized gems. Their current production of the Mel Brooks classic “The Producers” is a must see.

The musical romp is about Broadway producers who scam “little old lady” investors into backing a show that should be a surefire flop. Instead, “Spring Time for Hitler” is so outrageously funny that it becomes a smash hit and our producers must face the consequences.

Each and every cast member excels in “The Producers.” It is hard to believe they are all non paid performers who do this for fun and the love for stage.

Founded in 1950, The Sullivan County Dramatic Workshop is devoted to providing and promoting quality theatre in Sullivan County. Those interested in live theatre from behind-the-scenes to center stage polish their craft, while providing countless audiences with hundreds of memorable performances. The workshop moved into the Rivoli Theatre several years ago.

The ambitious dream to restore the Rivoli to its original splendor is underway. The theatre was recently granted Landmark status.

Scott Eckers who plays Leo Bloom in The Producers called the SCDW, “A true community theater organization.”

He said, “The best part of working with SCDW is the sense of dedication to excellence in local theatre. Each member contributes so much more than just being on stage. I play Leo, but also musically direct and design the lighting. Most of our actors help build sets, move ladders, shlep bottles of water and help clean up after rehearsals at the museum in Hurleyville.”

Eckers has been involved with SCDW for three years beginning with “Little Shop of Horrors.” “Each year brings new challenges as we take local theater to new heights. “The Producers” has been a tremendous undertaking, but the positive response from our audiences has made it all worthwhile. Working with Lori, Richie, and the rest of the cast and crew made this show a very special one. I can’t imagine a summer now without the Sullivan County Dramatic Workshop.”

Richie Chiger who stars as Max Bialystock labeled his role “awesome to perform.” He said, “I have been part of SCDW for many years and each new performance, whether as a character in a play or just being part of a cabaret, adds something very special and fulfilling to my life.”

Director Lori Schneider has been involved in community theatre for over 29 years. “It’s been great working with such a talented group of actors, singers, musicians and technicians. I couldn’t be happier with the casting of The Producers.

Dr. Richard Schwalb of the Jeffersonville Animal Hospital who was amongst the opening night attendees told me, “We’re so lucky to have The Sullivan County Dramatic Workshop. It struck me how Scott and Richie were so talented, as was the rest of the cast. It is indeed a highlight to see their theatrical productions.”

For a great time, go see “The Producers” this weekend and you too will want to be a producer with a hit show on Broadway.

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