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August 3rd, 2012

Hydrofracking Debate Continues

Last week I took a ride around Sullivan County, and no matter where I drove there were lawn signs proclaiming a stand on hydrofracking.

Although lawn signs were overwhelmingly against hydrofracking, there are strong pockets in support of the yet to be proven safe form of gas drilling. Naturally these pockets are in areas where property owners would benefit substantially if it were finally approved by New York State.

Sadly, New York might be moving on a very limited basis to allow towns that approved hydrofracking to test it in their areas.
Gas companies with only one motive are using the best bait possible to achieve their goals. They are waving money in the faces of property owners and wannabe Jed Clampett’s are lining up.

Before any drilling begins, we must be certain beyond a reason of doubt that our environment and infrastructure will not be damaged. I am convinced drilling for gas or hydrofracking as they call it as currently proposed would be detrimental to Sullivan County.

The research and evidence is there that hydofracking contaminates water. Documented incidents from Colorado to Texas to West Virginia to nearby Pennsylvania make clear that the dangers and fears of hydofracking are very real.

A demonstration was held last weekend in Washington, D.C., demanding that hydrofracking cease. A group from Sullivan County and the Hudson Valley attended the protest. Although strong advocates of sustainable energy, these protestors are convinced that hydrofracking is hazardous to our health.

On the other side there are those who argue that hydrofracking is indeed safe. But, one has to seriously question if it is actually the potential to become rich that is leading to this conclusion.

If this form of gas drilling is approved in NYS, we must be certain beyond a reason of doubt that our environment and infrastructure will not be damaged, and I don’t think we are at that point.

We will basically be taking residential communities and turning them into commercial zones to accommodate gas drilling.
Our major concern must be safety and the simple truth is that there is extreme potential danger that comes along with hydrofracking.

The DEC will not guarantee that hydrofracking is safe. It is already banned from watersheds, but yet NYS is still considering approval of this form of gas drilling. If the DEC deems it unsafe at the watersheds, then why is hydrofracking safe in residential communities?

Hearing after hearing the evidence is there pertaining to the dangerous of hydrofracking.

Despite all this, lawns are flooded with people proclaiming they are friends of natural gas. We are all friends of natural gas and want as many forms of affordable energy as possible, but at what expense?

We must question if these “friends of natural gas” really advocate affordable energy or just want to use their land as money generators. After all, they can always live elsewhere. I know in their heart of hearts they know hydrofracking is dangerous.

An across the board moratorium is needed until all the facts and figures are in on hydrofracking, we have too much at stake here.

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