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January 20th, 2012

Legislators Begin to Roll Up Their Sleeves

It was truly a historic day for Sullivan County as our legislators were sworn into office last week. The enthusiastic crowd of diverse residents packing the government center had one thing on their mind, and that is to see our new leaders succeed in their drive to make positive productive change.

As the Liberty High School Chorus performed, Scott Samuelson, Kathy LaBuda, Kitty Vitter, Jonathan Rouis, Cindy Kurpil Gieger, Cora Edwards, Gene Benson, Ira Steingart, and Alan Sorensen took their oaths in an often emotional and joyous ceremony.

One of the most touching moments came when County Court Judge Frank LaBuda swore in his wife Kathy LaBuda as their daughter Erika held the bible.

After the ceremonies, the action moved upstairs for the reorganizational meeting.

Scott Samuelson is the perfect choice for chairman. He is nonpolitical, and has the leadership skills to work well with everyone. Samuelson’s objectiveness affords him the ability to analyze all aspects of an issue before reaching a conclusion. He has the demeanor, intelligence, and people skills we need in a person in charge and that of a spokesman.

Gene Benson is more than able-bodied to be vice chairman and work effectively with Samuelson.

Equally impressive are the legislators Samuelson selected to head important committees. He put the right people in the right places, not because of politics, but because of expertise.

Who better than Ira Steingart to head Community and Economic Development and the IDA? Steingart is a successful businessman who knows economic development and business retention. He will certainly shake things up.

The selection of Cindy Gieger and Kitty Vetter to head Health and Family Services is exceptional. If two registered nurses do not understand the needs of health and family services then who would?

Jonathan Rouis is spot on for Management and Budget. He is a successful certified public accountant, and knows the budget process.

Cora Edwards is the ultimate person to head Public Safety. She is a true advocate for law enforcement, and understands that in order for Sullivan County to attract economic development, new homeowners, and tourists, we must live in a safe and secure environment.

As our former Planning Commissioner, Alan Sorenson knows Planning, Environmental Management and Real Planning. Sorenson is a respected leader in the field, and his input will be more than valuable.

Kathy LaBuda understands Public Works inside and out. She is a true advocate for our workforce, and knows how important it is for our infrastructure to be maintained and updated for our safety.

Over the next few weeks and months our new leaders will be reviewing, discussing, and making changes to county government. I am confident they will make appropriate adjustments to provide us with a more efficient, productive, and transparent government.

The road to repair the damage done will not be easy. One just has to look at the recently released report from Pattern for Progress to see how horrific things really are. Poverty affects one of out of every five residents, and we are ranked nearly last out of 62 counties in terms of a healthy population.

We must think out of the box, be innovative, and come up with a long term plan. Those that have become too comfortable and lazy better wake up real fast, because the new bosses in town are not going to put up with it.

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