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November 18th, 2011

A new day for Sullivan County

It appears the days of the “ole boy’s network” having a stronghold over Sullivan County is finally over. The people have spoken, and there will dramatic change in our county government come January.

Six people entering the political arena for the first time were elected to the Sullivan County Legislature. All campaigned on opening up our government to the people, and a strong desire to tackle the many problems facing our county.

The biggest winner was clearly the Sullivan County voter. Our electorate proved they will not allow party affiliation to be their determining factor in electing candidates. They also shot down the theory that secondary political lines are needed for one to be elected to political office.

There are those that are arguing this was an anti incumbency election, and to that I say hogwash. Three seats were open and three incumbents were reelected to office. This election was a mandate by the voters to elect people who were new to the political scene and were not connected to a select inner circle. People wanted change.

I am very proud of all those elected to the legislature and very proud of the voters of Sullivan County.

Cindy Gieger, Cora Edwards, Kitty Vetter, Scott Samuelson, Gene Benson, and Ira Steingart will be free thinkers controlled by no one. Their only agenda will be to do what is best for Sullivan County. They will ask the tough questions and work endlessly to get us out of the turmoil we are in. I am also convinced they will work well with incumbents Jonathan Rouis, Kathy LaBuda, and Alan Sorenson.

Leni Binder, Elwin Wood, and Jodi Goodman can hold their heads up high. They all served us to the best of their ability, and must be thanked for their years of dedication and commitment to Sullivan County. Leni Binder will always be our “Legislady,” and a place must be found for her in government.

Gregg Semenetz, Rick Lander, Amanda Ward, Nick Salomone, and John Sundholm must also be thanked for coming forward and wanting to serve us. They are good honest people.

Congratulations are also in order to County Clerk Dan Briggs and Coroner Alan Kasten. I am glad they ran unopposed. Both deserved to be reelected.

On the town level, congratulations are in order to all of our supervisors, council members, and others elected to political office. I know many of them personally and am certain they will all do their part in making a difference in Sullivan County.
I hope our legislators and supervisors will begin to work together and meet regularly to discuss the issues. It must also be made clear that the County Manager works for the legislature and that they are ultimately responsible for the way our county is run. It is equally essential that County Treasurer Ira Cohen is brought to the table.

The days ahead will be intriguing for Sullivan County and there is a lot of work ahead. Change will not happen overnight, but I am certain we will begin to see some major differences once the new legislature is sworn in.

Politics must now be put aside, and we must all work together. Congratulations to all the winners.

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