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October 6th, 2011

Working Families Makes Political Presence Known

Political party assignment on a ballot means a lot in an election. Results of last year’s gubernatorial election dictates placement for the next four years. Although Democrats will remain on the top line with Republicans second, there are some major shifts amongst other political parties.

The Conservative Party has once again regained the third spot on the ballot, while the Independence Party has been bounced from that position to fifth. On the fourth spot on the ballot is the ever growing Working Families Party.

The Independence Party has been successful in the past duping people into believing they are an “independent” political party when in fact they are not.

A new political line formed in some areas of Sullivan County branded The Rural Heritage Party is in reality a true “independent” party because they give candidates who garner enough signatures the ability to run on their line.

While the local leadership of the Conservative Party does not care whom the Independence Party endorses, they have made it very clear they will not support candidates who accept the Working Families.

While the local leadership of the Conservative Party, whom I have nothing but respect for, does not approve of the Working Families mission, people like Governor Andrew Cuomo and many other popular elected officials have embraced their endorsement with open arms.

The Working Families Party is making a major presence in Sullivan County local elections this year and eager to defend their political objectives. They have endorsed both Republicans and Democrats.

I asked Sullivan County’s Working Families leader Sandra Oxford to explain to me what makes them different from other political parties and she responded, “We’re different than Democrats and Republicans in that we are issue oriented. We believe that the real divide in this country is not left and right but top and bottom. We are bipartisan and will support Republicans or Democrats who share our values.”

Oxford added, “While many people in Washington and Albany today seem interested in weakening the social safety net and squeezing the middle class, our focus has always been about Main Street and supporting small businesses and middle class families rather than corporations and the wealthy. Our message of social and economic justice obviously appeals to a broad range of voters throughout the State as we recently moved up the ballot from Row E to Row D.”

Noting Sullivan County’s economic plight, Oxford added, “Sullivan County is one of the poorest counties in New York State and for too long the taxpayers have shouldered the burden of corporate handouts and government corruption. The Working Families Party fights for good schools, good jobs and good government. We stand up for working and middle class families throughout New York State.”

Oxford said prior to receiving an endorsement candidates go through a vigorous interview and screening process. “We believe our endorsed candidates are the ones who will fight for real reform and get Sullivan County government serving working and middle class families once again.” Nicely put, but isn’t that what all political parties claim?

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