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June 16th, 2011

Three cheers being named “ultimate fishing town”

The emails went rampant, posts on facebook were flooded, and the lobbying was like something never before seen in Sullivan County. And, even though we were down by some 11,000 votes in the morning, we came out the winner. Roscoe, New York is now officially the ultimate fishing town.


The contest sponsored by the World Fishing Network (WFN), will award the township $25,000 for the community and a half-hour cable television show. This also means national exposure and increased tourism as anglers from around the world will learn about all Roscoe has to offer them.


Already known as “Trout Town USA,” Roscoe is considered the birthplace of the American Dry Fly Fishing, developed by Theodore Gordon and his followers.


Roscoe is home to the junction of two trophy trout streams, the Willowemoc and the Beaverkill, in addition to many nearby lakes, ponds and reservoirs. Roscoe will use some of the award money to make an ADA compliant fishing access.


Roscoe has been a major part of our great Sullivan Renaissance Program since it began in 2001.


Elwin “Woody” Wood who represents Roscoe on the Sullivan County legislature and is also Chairman of the Community and Economic Development Committee, jubilantly said, “The Greater Roscoe Community thrives on an active fishing season, and the tourism impacts increase exponentially, which increases sales tax revenues, and promotes business for Sullivan County’s small business enterprises.”


Legislature Chairman Jonathan Rouis also ecstatic over the victory told me, “The coming together of all of our communities to support Roscoe’s bid to become Ultimate Fishing Town USA was a refreshing sign of the ‘can do’ attitude of Sullivan County. It stands as a shining example of how when we come together and work towards a common goal how successful we can be.”


County Manager David Fanslau expressed thanks to Sullivan County residents and visitors. “The entire County came together in a united effort to win this contest for Roscoe, but also for the County. The County’s businesses, residents, visitors, and employees all enthusiastically participated to help Roscoe get over the top to win this designation. This was a positive community effort that displayed that through united leadership we can bring positive recognition to Sullivan County for the common good.”


Roberta Lockwood, who heads our tourism division, elated over the victory said, “This process demonstrated a true partnership of all residents, county agencies, federal, state and local officials. While the prize funds will certainly assist the community; the community spirit and dedication of all to achieve this honor goes beyond measure. Roscoe is certainly another reason to Love our Sullivan County Catskills and makes the heart beat in I Love NY!!!”


Statics show there are 32,400 fishing and hunting licenses sold in Sullivan County and our immediate area annually. Revenue generated from the sale of licenses is estimated at $1.1 million. There are an estimated 85,000 outdoorsmen that use the Sullivan County Catskills. We should realize an even greater economic impact from new visitors who want to experience firsthand the Ultimate Fishing Town.


Finally – some good news!

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