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September 17th, 2010

Get ready for some election time mudslinging

The political season has officially begun. Campaign signs are flooding our roads, and by the time November 2nd reaches, our stomachs will be filled with campaign rhetoric.

We all know by now that longtime State Senator John Bonacic is facing a challenge from Sullivan County Legislator and recently turned Democrat David Sager.

Many voters got a taste of some of the dirt we can expect to come up in the race thanks to a poll that was obviously conducted by the Bonacic camp.

Although Sager has a minimal war chest of not even close to $60,000 and Bonacic has nearly $800,000, judging from the questions asked, it appears he is not taking Sager’s bid to unseat him lightly.

Being one of those surveyed, I was afforded the opportunity to get some insight into the campaign. The poll was geared towards the usual end results of approve, disapprove, highly likely, and highly unlikely.

What surprised me were some of the questions and the tone of the person conducting the poll. It almost sounded as I was being led to answer in a certain way.

One question asked what I felt was the most important issue facing voters; I responded jobs. There were questions on gas drilling and the Tea Party too.

Then came the Sager questions, making him appear as if he were a far different person than the hardworking, respected, outspoken, and proactive Sullivan County Legislator we all know him to be.

I was asked if I knew he switched political parties, and was told Sager had the poorest attendance record of any Sullivan County Legislator, and that Sager disagrees and fights with his now fellow Democrats.

I was not told the truth about his attendance record, or that Sager prevented a coup for control of the legislature coming from a disgruntled faction of Democrats, and was backed and supported by Democrats and Republicans. I was also not told Sager brought ethics reform to the legislature.

The only question I was asked about Bonacic was if I knew he was the only Republican to vote against federally indicated and convicted former Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno, sounding as if he were a war hero in doing so.

Interestingly, I was not asked about Bonacic’s support of the Pedro Espada and Hiram Monserrate coup that disgracefully shut down the State Senate and Albany last year.

Bonacic and Sager are good politicians, and good people. Voters should not have to go through a campaign filled with attacks and mudslinging. People want to hear about the issues and not things like Sager used an off the cuff remark in a private email.

Voters are fed up with Albany, and to bring this campaign into the gutter will only increase voter anger and distrust.

I urge all candidates to take the high road and talk about the issues. A debate or two would also be healthy.

And, if you were wondering, I told the poll taker that I indeed had a favorable opinion of both Bonacic and Sager.

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