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September 3rd, 2010

One hot summer draws to a close

Where did the summer go? Who can believe it is Labor Day weekend?

As our summer community packs up and leaves, and schools begin to open, Sullivan County sadly is in the worst financial shape we have ever been in. There is still no sign of any major economic development.

Our never ending soap opera for casino gaming is ongoing, and something as simple as a slaughter house is even taking years for us to get.

The construction of a new County Jail is still not resolved, and garbage is still a big issue.

Medicaid and social service programs are bleeding us to death, while crime is still on a dramatic upswing.

Hydrofracking is the new word on the street.

Our elected officials will indeed have a heavy plate ahead of them this fall.

The political season is already in full gear with the race for County Court Judge and State Senate taking center stage. Statewide races for Governor, Attorney General, and United States Senate will likely become heated.

Sullivan County voters will be using new mandated voting machines this fall. Hopefully everything will run smoothly.

One of the most talked about races is obviously the battle for State Senate.

Legislator David Sager after a well fought fight to get on the Democratic line, will be challenging 12 year Republican incumbent John Bonacic who is also endorsed by the Independence and Conservative Parties.

Sager will most likely have a great deal of work ahead of him convincing voters why they should elect him over the popular Bonacic.

Bonacic is taking nothing for granted with the anti incumbency sentiment plaguing our Nation and what is expected to be a Democratic year statewide. He is prepared to use his massive war chest of close to $800,000, and utilize Senate constituent taxpayer paid mailings to get his message out.

Bonacic has been a huge supporter of casino gaming, and recently obtained funding for CRMC. Sager is running as an Albany outsider pledging to reform government.

Sager had hoped to utilize his strong anti-hydrofracking stand to take votes away from Bonacic who appeared to be pro drilling, but he has since taken a similar position to that of Sager’s.

The race for County Court Judge will certainly be exciting as Burton Ledina is being forced to retire. Former Town of Bethel Judge Cindy Barber, who ran against Ledina three years ago and received an impressive 7,000 votes, will be challenged by lawyer Michael McGuire.

A Conservative and Independence Primary will be held on September 14 to see if who gets those nominations.

During the next several weeks, we can once again look forward to another great Harvest Festival at Bethel Woods.
However, before we start thinking about the weeks ahead, don’t forget the meaning of Labor Day. Let us all pay tribute to the social and economic achievements of the American Worker. Let’s send accolades to the contributions labor has made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our great nation.
Have a happy and safe Labor Day weekend.

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