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July 22nd, 2010

Cuomo brings his message of change to Sullivan County

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo brought his powerful “Drive for a new New York” gubernatorial campaign to Sullivan County on Monday with a big and passionate non partisan plea to change the way Albany operates.

Speaking to a room filled with dignitaries, Cuomo stressed the need to consolidate government and cut costs. He received enthusiastic applauds when he talked about the need to shrink Sullivan County’s 176 municipalities and cut property taxes.

Cuomo told me he supported Indian Gaming as a means towards economic development. I mentioned the Seneca’s desire to utilize their land settlement act to fast track approval, and he said it was something he was interested in.

Cuomo justifiably praised our great Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther, saying that she does what is right for her constituents and does not vote “politics.”

“Believe me, we need leadership in Albany,” Gunther told me. “I am very happy that his focus is on cutting costs, real property taxes, ethics reform and shrinking and consolidating government.”

David Sager, who wants to work with Cuomo in State Senate, said the need for change in Albany was what sparked his campaign. “We cannot continue with business as usual. We need real leadership and trustworthy government in our state capital. I am looking forward to working with Andrew in the State Senate.”

Democratic Chairman Steven Wilkinson said he appreciated Cuomo coming “to meet with our community. He had tremendous support from the bi-partisan audience. Andrew can absolutely lead us out of the mess in Albany.”

Prominent Republicans such as Legislator Leni Binder, Liberty Mayor Richard Winters, and Monticello Mayor Gordon Jenkins were visibly in attendance.

Winters who has been working on consolidating services in Liberty, told me he was proudly backing Cuomo because it is not about politics.

Sean Rieber who heads the County Executive Research Committee said Cuomo made it clear that it is up to us to make change. “Property taxes are too high because there are too many governments. The Villages of Monticello and Liberty are a prime example. These two local governments should be trend setters and dissolve.”

Legislature chairman Jonathan Rouis said he was enthusiastic about Cuomo’s candidacy, and knew he had a long road ahead of him to repair the damage done in Albany.

Legislator Leni Binder said she would need to see Cuomo interact with Assembly leader Sheldon Silver to “really test his leadership,” but quickly added, “I do not see his opponents publically tackling that either.”

County Court Judge candidate Cindy Barber agreed party affiliation should not matter in elections. “Honesty, experience, qualifications, and getting the job done are what should matter.”

Neil Gilberg said Cuomo’s “vision, integrity and proven leadership skills will make New York State the Empire State once again.”

Wilkinson observing Cuomo’s embracing of Sager’s and Barber’s candidacies said “both embody change that must happen to move New York forward.”

It was refreshing to see Cuomo’s desire to woo Sullivan County voters, and hear his praise of Aileen Gunther and Steven Wilkinson.

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