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June 11th, 2010

Time is now for county executive vote

The time has come for us to decide if we should create the elected position of County Executive. This issue can no longer be stonewalled by the legislature and others. Support to get this before the voters is strong and mounting.
For several months, the bi-partisan and prestigious fact finding committee looking into a County Executive position has been conducting extensive research.
The committee, headed by former legislator and Sullivan County’s outspoken advocate Sean Rieber, has been interviewing “In The Know” experts. They have been listening to diverse viewpoints, and weighing and researching the issue from every feasible angle.

People interviewed included Ulster County Executive Mike Hein, former County Manager Jonathan Drapkin, County Manager David Fanslau, Chairman Jonathan Rouis, Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther, and Senator John Bonacic.

I am excited to hear that the committee has resolved the best form of government to bring us into the future is by establishing a County Executive position.

Rieber told me, “We have determined it creates more communication, accountability, and allows the voters a voice in who should lead.  We have also learned a County Executive provides a stronger voice in Albany which is something that is desperately needed, especially in tough financial times.”

Over the next 3 months the committee will be conducting Town Hall chats to inform the public and receive input.  At the same time they will be gathering over 3,000 signatures in order to put the issue up for public referendum this November so voters can make a final determination on what form of government is desired in Sullivan County.

Rieber noted, “This is the going to be the most important decision made by Sullivan County since the formation of the Legislature.  We encourage all residents to actively participate, ask questions and let your opinions be known, whether for or against.”
A County Executive would be accountable to us and not a part time legislature of nine. Our County Manager’s hands are often tied because of them.

Critics argue a County Executive would be a popularity contest and not be the best vehicle to get the most qualified person to run our government. To that I say bunk. In our democratic society we elect those who run our governments, and when we become dissatisfied with them, we vote them out of office.

The legislature can easily choose to place a referendum on the ballot and avoid this upcoming petition drive which will only create tremendous momentum. They must be reminded that we can kick them out of office if they refuse to listen to the public and attempt to delay this issue from coming before the voters.
With so many taxpayers upset with our government and the devastating downturn Sullivan County is experiencing, the time is now to vote on the County Executive issue.

We need leadership to make change happen, and the voters must decide this year if a County Executive is the step we need to take us in the right direction.

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