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April 16th, 2010

Dayspring elder center becomes a reality

Reverend Carlotta Wilson of Youngsville has a dream to care for the elderly. She feels our senior population is ignored by society and often swept aside.
It has been her goal to open a Day Care Center in Sullivan County for our seniors so they can have a place they can go to during the day to stimulate their minds.

While serving the elderly in Sullivan County through her church, Reverend Wilson told me she noticed something that upset her greatly. “We observed and became appalled by the impact separation and isolation from society our communities have on the elderly. Our elderly are the forgotten generation. They are locked in institutions or homes with no place to go, nobody to talk to, and in many cases cannot give what they still have to give because they have no social outlet or atmosphere to encourage them.”

Reverend Wilson’s vision of senior daycare is becoming a reality thanks to the support of our clergy, religious institutions, community leaders and elected officials.

This spring Dayspring Adult Daycare will officially open and begin servicing our seniors.

Although it was her dream to construct a brand new facility, she quickly learned that in order for that to be become a reality she had to take smaller steps.

To date her group has spent over $100,000, but when they pursued funding for construction of a building, they quickly discovered no one wanted to fund a vision or a dream. They embarked on a grassroots effort to contact community leaders who had been successful in helping those in need.
“We had to pull back. We realized we first had to establish and prove the Center’s usefulness to the community. We formed a Community Steering Committee and the Jeffersonville Presbyterian Church volunteered to let us to rent their fellowship hall.”

“I believe we have some of the best in the service and long term care fields helping us to establish Dayspring.”

Reverend Lee Andrews, pastor of the Jeffersonville Presbyterian Church, and a member of Dayspring’s Community Steering Committee, wanted desperately to help. She suggested they ask her church’s council to use their facilities, they said yes, and now they have a site for Dayspring Elder Center.

“It has been so confirming and encouraging having the Jeffersonville Presbyterian Church work with us. They understand the need and have opened their doors and hearts to us,” Reverend Wilson said.

But, it does not stop there. The pastor of First Grace Lutheran Parish in Jeffersonville, Reverend Kit Robison, also a member of the Steering Committee, is involving community youth to help integrate our youth and elderly.

Reverend Wilson said, “Our hope is that as our youth and elderly come together, they will demonstrate the contributions they have made to this community and our youth will learn to respect and honor them.”

The Delaware Valley Job Corps Center, with the assistance of their Director James Turner, has also partnered with them.

Youth are being trained in their Culinary Department under the direction of Alice Guss, and will prepare meals for the Center.

Job Corps youths are also looking forward to using their talents to provide entertainment for the elderly.

Reverend Wilson said, “Without representation from the community, the churches, and Job Corps, Dayspring Elder Center would not be this far along in its implementation. Our Community Steering Committee’s commitment, encouragement and diligent participation have helped bring us to this day. The task that was once daunting has now become do-able.”

“I am so proud of Reverend Wilson’s work to make Dayspring a reality,” said Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther. “Our parents and grandparents should not have to face a future of isolation and loneliness. Feeling connected to the world and participating in life improves health and happiness. I’m honored to be a part of this wonderful new service for our senior citizens.”

On Saturday, April 24, Dayspring will hold a Fundraising Event at the Jeffersonville Presbyterian Church. Gunther will be the guest speaker, and Eric Bressi will entertain.

A big thank you to those who assisted in making Reverend Carlotta Wilson’s Dayspring Elderly Center a reality. You proved that with a caring heart, hard work, and prayer, dreams do come true.

Reverend Carlotta Wilson can be reached at 482-4584 for further information on Dayspring.

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