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January 29th, 2010

Remembering my buddy Sean Hanofee

Sean Hanofee was a unique individual who touched everyone who knew him. It was with shock and sadness we all learned of his untimely passing.
Although he had many personal struggles during the past several years, Sean was putting them behind and moving forward with life. Everyone who knew Sean was so proud of him, and wanted to see him succeed in all of his endeavors.

I was so glad when he announced at a Liberty Democratic Committee meeting that he wanted to get back into elected politics. All of us were eager to assist him in his goals to once again be elected to the Town Board and perhaps eventually run for Supervisor.

Sean was smart, caring, and honest. He was outspoken, and took stands on issues even if they were unpopular. He said and did what he believed in. He was not a political phony. He truly was a giant in both size and stature.

It was often enjoyable listening to how Sean explained his position on an issue or communicate his thoughts. He would use such terminology as “dude” and often take a confusing route to explain his argument. I along with others always got a kick out of him. At the end of the day, we always knew where he stood, and that was always to help others and improve the quality of life of Sullivan County residents.

Sean and I had our political disagreements, but I have to admit in recent years we disagreed on very little. He was an avid fan of this column and hoped I would also seek political office one day.

I will cherish some of his emails forever.

Insisting I take a leadership role in Liberty Democratic politics, Sean wrote, “I sit ready to thrust a good person in.  Hope it’s you. Bill, I know you have ideas/maybe plans.  If nothing else, the body of ours has been a springboard for candidacy, food for thought.”

The most touching was what he wrote me after visiting with Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther, “Sat with Aileen for awhile today – we just cracked up about you.  We’re all glad you’re up here and making a difference.”

Like everyone else, political leaders were stunned over Sean’s passing.

Assemblywoman Gunther told me, “I am heartbroken. Sean worked for my husband, Jacob, for many years.  He was a friend to me and my family.  Sean had a passion for all things political and I am sure he and Jacob are now talking politics.  He will be missed.”

Democratic Chairman Steven Wilkinson said, “He was looking forward to rolling up his sleeves and getting to work for Liberty.  He was a friend and offered me counsel as Chairman.  I am glad to have known him and will miss his emails and telephone messages of support.”

Liberty Democratic Chairwoman Debra Manley said, “We were so excited for his return to the Town Board.  The entire committee will miss him and his energy.”

His long time friend Supervisor Tony Cellini said, “Politics and government was his life, he was truly a gentleman and caring person. I shall miss him.”
Legislator Jodi Goodman said, “He has touched many throughout the County. There are not enough words or expressions that could take away the pain from this loss.”

Life is so unpredictable. We can make all the plans we want, but in reality we are not writing the script. There are so many questions many of us wish we had answers to, and Sean’s untimely passing will most certainly be one of them.

Sean Hanofee was my buddy and I will miss him terribly. May he rest in peace.

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