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July 17th, 2009

Gordon Jenkins makes Jerry Springer proud

Village of Monticello Mayor Gordon Jenkins continually demonstrates his lack of desire to be a statesman and unifier.

Calling trustee Scott Schoonmaker a “spineless bastard” because he voted to rehire Ray Nargizian as Village Manager is despicable.

For Jenkins to state “As long as I live, I will never work with Ray Nargizian,” combined with his continual threatening remarks towards trustees and constituents is unmistakably solid reasoning why he is unfit to be a Mayor of a municipality, and an embarrassment to all of Sullivan County.

The classless unprofessionalism and bully tactics Jenkins possesses would make viewers of The Jerry Springer Show proud.

Jenkins clearly has no shame, and obviously could care less about the future and viability of the Village of Monticello.

All elected officials including Republican County chairman John LiGreci must call for Jenkins to refrain from his degrading, humiliating and undignified tactics or resign from office. The Village of Monticello has many serious problems and Jenkins’ behavior will only sink the municipality further into the ground.

Trustees Carmen Rue, Victor Marinello and Scott Schoonmaker actually do care about the Village of Monticello. TC Hutchins is also a capable and likeable man who could bring a great deal to the table, if only he would cease from being Jenkins’ rubberstamp.

Jenkins must seriously analyze all the damage he has been putting the village through. He should view his demoralizing conduct posted on, and then perhaps he will get a wakeup call and show some remorse.

People often forgive and forget in the political world. A good politician knows how to build alliances. There is no reason why Jenkins cannot agree to work with Nargizian and the entire board for the betterment of the Village of Monticello. It is his fiduciary responsibility and obligation as Mayor to return his government back to civility and human decency.

Elected officials have every right to disagree on the issues, but this has nothing to do with issues, this revolves around pure hatred and contempt for one another. I am fearful this will eventually lead to some form of violence, and the wellbeing of those in this quandary will be in jeopardy.

Obviously, all the blame cannot be placed solely on Jenkins’ lap, after all it takes two to tango, but he has the power to call a cease fire and bring everyone together.

I am aware Trustee Carmen Rue, his former ally can at times add salt to the wound, but she has come a long way as an elected official. Her commitment and dedication to the Village of Monticello is quite evident. She is really a concerned and quite capable individual.

Scott Schoonmaker, also a former ally of Jenkins may at times flip flop on the issues and act irrational, but he is also steadfast in doing what is best for Village.

Although Victor Marinello and Jenkins have never been friends, he is smart, and a valuable elected official.

For the sake of human decency, all this disarray must be put to an end.

Some people may think Ray Nargizian was off the wall to even accept the position of Village of Manager. But, to Nargizian it was his duty.

As the former Village Manager, Nargizian demonstrated his ability to get things done and to separate politics and personalities from the business of the municipality. He was successful in obtaining numerous governmental grants, and implemented many progressive programs.

When Nargizian was reappointed Village Manager last week, he was conciliatory and offered to work with everyone for the benefit of the residents of the Village of Monticello.

Nargizian must be allowed to do the job he was hired to do. Everyone has to work together in unity.

Jenkins initially ran for office because he truly cared about Monticello and wanted the voices of the people to be heard. He undoubtedly bucked the system to get elected. I often admired his nerve and style.

It is not too late for Jenkins to return to being an advocate for all the people. He must take a step back, sit down with everyone concerned, and try to hash things out.

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